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 House of Cards (2013) 2x07 - Chapter 20
 House of Cards (2013) 2x08 - Chapter 21
 House of Cards (2013) 2x09 - Chapter 22
 House of Cards (2013) 2x11 - Chapter 24
 House of Cards (2013) 2x12 - Chapter 25
 House of Cards (2013) 2x13 - Chapter 26
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x07 - Johnson, Nixon and Vietnam: Reversal of Fortune
 Weeds 1x01 - You Can't Miss the Bear
 Weeds 1x02 - Free Goat
 Weeds 1x03 - Good Shit Lollipop
 Weeds 1x04 - Fashion of the Christ
 Weeds 1x05 - Lude Awakening
 Weeds 1x06 - Dead in the nethers
 Weeds 1x07 - Higher Education
 Weeds 1x08 - The punishment light
 Weeds 1x09 - The Punishment Lighter
 Weeds 1x10 - The Godmother
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 Boardwalk Empire 3x01 - Resolution
 Dexter 5x05 - First Blood
 Suits 3x05 - Shadow of a doubt
 Awake 1x12 - Two Birds
 Dexter 1x02 - Crocodile
 Dexter 3x05 - Turning Biminese
 New Girl 3x16 - Sister
 Luck 1x02 - Episode 2
 Dexter 4x10 - Lost Boys
 Luck 1x04 - Episode 4
 Luck 1x05 - Episode 5
 Luck 1x06 - Episode 6
 Luck 1x09 - Episode 9
 Game of Thrones 2x01 - The North Remembers
 Game of Thrones 2x02 - The Night Lands
 Community 3x14 - Pillows And Blankets
 Game of Thrones 2x03 - What Is Dead May Never Die
 Dexter 4x08 - Road Kill
 Game of Thrones 2x04 - Garden of Bones
 Game of Thrones 2x05 - The Ghost Of Harrenhal
 Game of Thrones 2x06 - The Old Gods and the New
 Cougar Town 3x11 - Down South
 Community 3x19 - Curriculum Unavailable
 Game of Thrones 2x07 - A Man Without Honor
 Game of Thrones 1x01 - Winter Is Coming
 Person of Interest 1x23 - Firewall
 Dexter 7x07 - Chemistry
 Game of Thrones 2x08 - The Prince of Winterfell
 Game of Thrones 2x09 - Blackwater
 Game of Thrones 1x02 - The Kingsroad
 Game of Thrones 1x03 - Lord Snow
 Game of Thrones 2x10 - Valar Morghulis
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x02 - News Night 2.0
 Game of Thrones 1x04 - Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things
 Game of Thrones 1x05 - The Wolf and the Lion
 Game of Thrones 1x06 - A Golden Crown
 Game of Thrones 1x07 - You Win or You Die
 Game of Thrones 1x08 - The Pointy End
 Game of Thrones 1x09 - Baelor
 Dexter 1x01 - Pilot
 Game of Thrones 1x10 - Fire and Blood
 Dexter 1x03 - Popping Cherry
 Dexter 1x04 - Lets Give The Boy A Hand
 Falling Skies 2x03 - Compass
 Dexter 1x05 - Love American Style
 Dexter 1x06 - Return To Sender
 Dexter 1x07 - Circle of friends
 Suits 2x03 - Meet the New Boss
 Dexter 1x08 - Shrink wrap
 Dexter 1x09 - Father Knows Best
 Dexter 1x10 - Seeing Red
 Dexter 1x11 - Truth Be Told
 Dexter 1x12 - Born Free
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x03 - The 112th Congress
 Dexter 2x01 - It's Alive
 Dexter 2x02 - Waiting to Exhale
 Dexter 6x01 - Those Kinds of Things
 Dexter 2x03 - An Inconvenient Lie
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x04 - I'll Try to Fix You
 Dexter 2x04 - See-Through
 Dexter 2x05 - The Dark Defender
 Dexter 2x06 - Dex, Lies, and Videotape
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x01 - We Just Decided To
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x05 - Amen
 Dexter 2x07 - That Night, a Forest Grew
 Dexter 2x08 - Morning Comes
 Dexter 2x11 - Left Turn Ahead
 Dexter 2x09 - Resistance Is Futile
 Dexter 2x10 - There's Something About Harry
 Dexter 2x12 - The British Invasion
 Dexter 3x01 - Our Father
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x06 - Bullies
 Dexter 3x02 - Finding Freebo
 House MD 7x22 - After Hours
 Dexter 3x03 - The Lions Sleeps Tonight
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x07 - 5/1
 Suits 2x08 - Rewind
 Dexter 3x04 - All In The Family
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x08 - The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn
 True Blood 5x10 - Gone, Gone, Gone
 True Blood 4x01 - She's Not There
 True Blood 4x02 - You Smell Like Dinner
 True Blood 4x03 - If You Love Me, Why am I Dyin'?
 True Blood 4x09 - Let's Get Out of Here
 True Blood 4x08 - Spellbound
 True Blood 4x06 - I Wish I Was the Moon
 True Blood 4x04 - I'm Alive And On Fire
 True Blood 4x05 - Me and The Devil
 True Blood 4x10 - Burning Down the House
 Dexter 6x09 - Get Gellar
 Dexter 6x10 - Ricochet Rabbit
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x09 - The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate
 Fringe 1x01 - Pilot
 Falling Skies 1x07 - Sanctuary Part: 2
 Falling Skies 1x01 - Live and Learn & 1x02 The Armory
 Dexter 3x06 - Si Se Puede
 New Girl 1x01 - Pilot
 Dexter 3x07 - Easy as Pie
 Dexter 6x03 - Smokey and the Bandit
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x10 - The Greater Fool
 Dexter 3x08 - The Damage a Man Can Do
 Dexter 3x09 - About Last Night
 Dexter 3x10 - Go Your Own Way
 Dexter 3x11 - I Had a Dream
 Dexter 3x12 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan
 Dexter 4x06 - If I Had a Hammer
 Dexter 4x01 - Living the Dream
 Dexter 4x02 - Remains To Be Seen
 Dexter 4x03 - Blinded by The Light
 Dexter 6x02 - Once Upon a Time
 Dexter 4x04 - Dex Takes a Holiday
 Dexter 6x04 - A Horse of Different Color
 Dexter 6x05 - The Angel of Death
 Dexter 4x05 - Dirty Harry
 Dexter 6x06 - Just Let Go
 Dexter 6x07 - Nebraska
 Dexter 6x08 - Sins of Omission
 Dexter 6x11 - Talk to the Hand
 Dexter 4x07 - Slack Tide
 Boardwalk Empire 3x02 - Spaghetti & Coffee
 Boardwalk Empire 3x07 - Sunday Best
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 5x01 - Revival
 Downton Abbey 3x03 - Downton's weddings
 Dexter 7x01 - Are you...?
 Boardwalk Empire 3x03 - Bone for Tuna
 2 Broke Girls 1x01 - Pilot
 Dexter 4x09 - Hungry Man
 2 Broke Girls 1x02 - And the Break up Scene
 Dexter 7x02 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
 Dexter 4x11 - Hello, Dexter Morgan
 Dexter 4x12 - The Getaway
 Dexter 7x03 - Buck the System
 Boardwalk Empire 3x05 - You'd Be Surprised
 Dexter 7x05 - Swim Deep
 Dexter 5x01 - My Bad
 Dexter 5x02 - Hello Bandit
 Dexter 7x04 - Run
 Dexter 5x03 - Practically Perfect
 Boardwalk Empire 3x06 - Ging Gang Goolie
 Dexter 5x04 - Beauty and the Beast
 Dexter 7x06 - Do the Wrong Thing
 Boardwalk Empire 3x08 - The Pony
 Boardwalk Empire 3x09 - The Milkmaid's Lot
 New Girl 2x07 - Menzies
 Dexter 7x08 - Argentina
 Boardwalk Empire 3x10 - A man, a plan...
 Dexter 7x09 - Helter Skelter
 Boardwalk Empire 3x11 - Two Imposters
 Dexter 7x10 - The Dark... Whatever
 Boardwalk Empire 3x12 - Margate Sands
 Dexter 7x12 - Surprise, Motherfucker!
 American Horror Story 2x10 - The Name Game
 Dexter 5x07 - Circle Us
 American Horror Story 2x11 - Spilt Milk
 Modern Family 4x11 - New Year’s Eve
 New Girl 2x13 - A Father's Love
 New Girl 2x14 - Pepperwood
 New Girl 2x15 - Cooler
 The Following 1x03 - The Poet's Fire
 New Girl 2x16 - Table 34
 Suits 2x14 - He's back
 George Harrison: Living In The Material World 1x01 - Part 1
 Suits 2x15 - Normandy
 New Girl 2x17 - Parking Spot
 Suits 2x16 - War
 New Girl 2x18 - Tinfinity
 Modern Family 4x17 - Best Men
 New Girl 2x19 - Quick Hardening Caulk
 New Girl 2x20 - Chicago
 Game of Thrones 3x01 - Valar Dohaeris
 Revolution 1x12 - Ghosts
 House of Cards (2013) 1x04 - Chapter 4
 New Girl 2x21 - First Date
 Community 4x08 - Herstory of Dance
 Dexter 5x09 - Teenager Wasteland
 Game of Thrones 3x02 - Dark Wings, Dark Words
 New Girl 2x22 - Bachelorette Party
 Modern Family 4x20 - Flip Flop
 Community 4x09 - Intro To Felt Surrogacy
 Game of Thrones 3x03 - Walk of Punishment
 The Borgias 3x01 - The face of the death
 How I Met Your Mother 8x21 - Romeward Bound
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x05 - The '50s: Eisenhower, the Bomb & the Third World
 Community 4x10 - Intro to Knots
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x06 - JFK: To The Brink
 The Borgias 3x02 - The purge
 Dexter 5x10 - In the beginning
 Game of Thrones 3x04 - And now his watch is ended
 Community 4x11 - Basic Human Anatomy
 Dexter 5x11 - Hop A Freighter
 Game of Thrones 3x05 - Kissed By Fire
 New Girl 2x23 - Virgins
 Community 4x12 - Heroic Origins
 The Borgias 3x04 - The Banquet of Chestnuts
 Game of Thrones 3x06 - The Climb
 New Girl 2x24 - Winston's Birthday
 Modern Family 4x22 - My Hero
 Community 4x13 - Advanced Introduction to Finality
 Dexter 5x12 - The Big One
 Game of Thrones 3x07 - The Bear and the Maiden Fair
 The Borgias 3x05 - The Wolf and the Lamb
 New Girl 2x25 - Elaine's Big Day
 Game of Thrones 3x08 - Second Sons
 The Borgias 3x06 - Relics
 Dexter 8x02 - Every Silver Lining
 Weeds 1x01 - You Can't Miss the Bear
 The Borgias 3x07 - Lucrezia's Gambit
 Weeds 1x02 - Free Goat
 Weeds 1x03 - Good Shit Lollipop
 Weeds 1x04 - Fashion of the Christ
 Weeds 1x05 - Lude Awakening
 The Borgias 3x08 - Tears of Blood
 The Borgias 3x09 - The Gunpowder Plot
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 2x03 - The Rhino
 Weeds 1x06 - Dead in the nethers
 Men at Work 2x10 - Weekend at PJ's
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 2x01 - The Lizard
 Game of Thrones 3x10 - Mhysa
 Baby Daddy 2x04 - New Bonnie vs. Old Ben
 The Borgias 3x10 - The Prince
 True Blood 6x01 - Who are you, really?
 Weeds 1x07 - Higher Education
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 2x04 - Kraven the Hunter
 Weeds 1x08 - The punishment light
 Weeds 1x09 - The Punishment Lighter
 Weeds 1x10 - The Godmother
 Monsters vs. Aliens 1x02 - Danger Wears a Diaper; The Toy From Another World
 Dexter 8x01 - A Beautiful Day
 True Blood 6x04 - At last
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x01 - First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers
 Dexter 8x03 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?
 Suits 3x01 - The Arrangement
 Dexter 8x04 - Scar Tissue
 True Blood 6x06 - Don't You Feel Me
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x02 - The Genoa Tip
 Suits 3x02 - I Want You To Want Me
 Dexter 8x05 - This Little Piggy
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x03 - Willie Pete
 Dexter 8x06 - A Little Reflection
 True Blood 6x08 - Dead Meat Subtitle
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x04 - Unintended Consequences
 Suits 3x04 - Conflict of interest
 Dexter 8x07 - Dress Code
 True Blood 6x09 - Life Matters
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x05 - News Night with Will McAvoy
 True Blood 6x10 - Radioactive
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x06 - One Step Too Many
 Breaking Bad 5x10 - Buried
 Dexter 8x08 - Are We There Yet?
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x08 - Election Night, Part I
 Suits 3x06 - The Other Time
 Dexter 8x09 - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x07 - Red Team III
 Breaking Bad 5x11 - Confessions
 Suits 3x07 - She's Mine
 Suits 3x08 - Endgame
 Dexter 8x10 - Goodbye Miami
 Boardwalk Empire 4x01 - New York Sour
 Boardwalk Empire 4x02 - Resignation
 Dexter 8x11 - Monkey in a Box
 New Girl 3x01 - All In
 Suits 3x10 - Stay
 Misfits 5x01 - Episode One
 New Girl 3x03 -
 The Newsroom (2012) 2x09 - Election Night, Part II
 Boardwalk Empire 4x05 - Erlkonig
 New Girl 3x04 - The Captain
 Modern Family 5x04 - Farm Strong
 Boardwalk Empire 4x03 - Acres of diamonds
 American Horror Story 3x01 - Bitchcraft
 London Irish 1x02 - Episode 2
 Dexter 8x12 - Remember the Monsters?
 Boardwalk Empire 4x04 - All In
 New Girl 3x05 - The Box
 Under the Dome 1x01 - Pilot
 American Horror Story 3x02 - Boy Parts
 Modern Family 5x05 - The Late Show
 Boardwalk Empire 4x06 - The North Star
 Boardwalk Empire 4x07 - William Wilson
 New Girl 3x06 - Keaton
 Boardwalk Empire 4x08 - The Old Ship of Zion
 How I Met Your Mother 9x07 - No Questions Asked
 Misfits 5x02 - Episode 2
 Boardwalk Empire 4x09 - Marriage and Hunting
 New Girl 3x07 - Coach
 House of Cards (2013) 1x06 - Chapter 6
 Misfits 5x03 - Episode 3
 Boardwalk Empire 4x10 - White Horse Pike
 New Girl 3x08 - Menus
 Misfits 5x04 - Episode Four
 House of Cards (2013) 1x01 - Chapter 1
 House of Cards (2013) 1x02 - Chapter 2
 House of Cards (2013) 1x13 - Chapter 13
 Boardwalk Empire 4x11 - Havre De Grace
 How I Met Your Mother 9x10 - Mom and Dad
 House of Cards (2013) 1x05 - Chapter 5
 New Girl 3x09 - Longest Night Ever
 Misfits 5x05 - Episode Five
 The Big Bang Theory 7x09 - The Thanksgiving Decoupling
 Criminal Minds 9x08 - The Return
 House of Cards (2013) 1x07 - Chapter 7
 Boardwalk Empire 4x12 - Farewell Daddy Blues
 New Girl 3x10 - Thanksgiving III
 Misfits 5x06 - Episode 6
 House of Cards (2013) 1x08 - Chapter 8
 Misfits 5x07 - Episode 7
 Modern Family 5x09 - The Big Game
 American Horror Story 3x09 - Head
 Modern Family 5x10 - The Old Man And The Tree
 Misfits 5x08 - Episode 8
 House of Cards (2013) 1x03 - Chapter 3
 House of Cards (2013) 1x09 - Chapter 9
 American Horror Story 3x10 - The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks
 New Girl 3x12 - Basketsball
 House of Cards (2013) 1x10 - Chapter 10
 How I Met Your Mother 9x15 - Unpause
 New Girl 3x13 - Birthday
 Modern Family 5x13 - Three Dinners
 True Detective 1x03 - The Locked Room
 Fargo 1x02 - The Rooster Prince
 New Girl 3x15 - Exes
 Game of Thrones 4x00 - Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing
 True Detective 1x04 - Who Goes There
 True Detective 1x05 - The Secret Fate Of All Life
 New Girl 3x17 - Sister II
 True Detective 1x06 - Haunted Houses
 House of Cards (2013) 1x12 - Chapter 12
 Community 5x07 - Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality
 Inside No. 9 1x01 - Sardines
 Inside No. 9 1x03 - Tom & Gerri
 Inside No. 9 1x04 - Last Gasp
 House of Cards (2013) 2x06 - Chapter 19
 New Girl 3x18 - Sister III
 House of Cards (2013) 2x07 - Chapter 20
 New Girl 3x19 - Fired Up
 Modern Family 5x17 - Other People's Children
 House of Cards (2013) 2x08 - Chapter 21
 House of Cards (2013) 2x10 - 2x10 Chapter 23
 House of Cards (2013) 2x09 - Chapter 22
 House of Cards (2013) 2x11 - Chapter 24
 Suits 3x14 - Heartburn
 House of Cards (2013) 2x12 - Chapter 25
 House of Cards (2013) 2x13 - Chapter 26
 Modern Family 5x19 - A Hard Jay's Night
 Vikings 2x06 - Unforgiven
 Game of Thrones 4x01 - Two Swords
 Suits 3x15 - Know When to Fold 'Em
 Suits 3x16 - No Way Out
 Game of Thrones 4x02 - The Lion and the Rose
 New Girl 3x21 - Big News
 Arrow 2x19 - The Man Under the Hood
 Fargo 1x01 - The Crocodile's Dilemma
 Vikings 2x08 - Boneless
 Game of Thrones 4x03 - Breaker of Chains
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x19 - The Only Light in the Darkness
 Game of Thrones 4x04 - Oathkeeper
 Silicon Valley 1x04 - Fiduciary Duties
 Fargo 1x03 - A Muddy Road
 New Girl 3x22 - Dance
 The Big Bang Theory 7x22 - The Proton Transmogrification
 Game of Thrones 4x05 - First of His Name
 The Walking Dead 1x01 - Days Gone Bye
 Fargo 1x04 - Eating The Blame
 New Girl 3x23 - Cruise
 Modern Family 5x22 - Message Received
 The Big Bang Theory 7x23 - The Gorilla Dissolution
 Game of Thrones 4x06 - The Laws of Gods and Men
 Downton Abbey 2x00 - Behind the Drama
 Fargo 1x05 - The Six Ungraspables
 Game of Thrones 4x07 - Mockingbird
 Fargo 1x06 - Buridan's Ass
 Modern Family 5x24 - The Wedding Part 2
 Vikingshill 1x04 - Episode 4
 Fargo 1x07 - Who Shaves the Barber?
 Game of Thrones 4x08 - The Mountain and the Viper
 Fargo 1x08 - The Heap
 Game of Thrones 4x09 - The Watchers on the Wall
 Vikingshill 1x05 - Episode 5
 Vikingshill 1x06 - Episode 6
 Vikingshill 1x07 - Episode 7
 Vikingshill 1x08 - Episode 8
 Fargo 1x09 - A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage
 Suits 4x01 - One-Two-Three Go...
 Suits 4x03 - Two in the Knees
 Game of Thrones 4x10 - The Children
 Fargo 1x10 - Morton's Fork
 Suits 4x02 - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
 True Blood 7x01 - Jesus gonna be here
 True Blood 7x02 - I Found You
 Friends 1x01 - The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate
 True Blood 7x03 - Fire in the Hole
 The Strain 1x01 - Night Zero
 Suits 4x04 - Leveraged
 Orange is the New Black 2x06 - You Also Have a Pizza
 Orange is the New Black 2x04 - A Whole Other Hole
 Orange is the New Black 1x06 - WAC Pack
 Orange is the New Black 1x05 - The Chickening
 Orange is the New Black 2x07 - Comic Sans
 Orange is the New Black 2x11 - Take A Break From Your Values
 Orange is the New Black 2x13 - We Have Manners. We're Polite
 Suits 4x05 - Pound of Flesh
 The Strain 1x02 - The Box
 Suits 4x06 - Litt the Hell Up
 The Strain 1x03 - Gone Smooth
 Suits 4x07 - We're Done
 Young & Hungry 1x06 - Press Release
 The Strain 1x04 - It's Not for Everyone
 Utopia 2x05 - Episode 5
 Suits 4x08 - Exposure
 Suits 4x09 - Gone
 The Strain 1x06 - Occultation
 True Blood 7x09 - Love is to Die
 Suits 4x10 - This is Rome
 Franklin & Bash 4x01 - The Curse of Hor-Aha
 True Blood 7x10 - Thank You (Series Finale)
 The Strain 1x07 - For Services Rendered
 Blackadder 1x05 - The Witchsmeller Pursuivant
 The Mob Doctor 1x11 - Sibling Rivalry
 Regular Show 5x13 - The Thanksgiving Special
 The Strain 1x08 - Creatures of the Night
 Silicon Valley 1x01 - Minimum Viable Product
 Silicon Valley 1x02 - The Cap Table
 Silicon Valley 1x03 - Articles of Incorporation
 Silicon Valley 1x05 - Signaling Risk
 Silicon Valley 1x06 - Third Party Insourcing
 Silicon Valley 1x07 - Proof of Concept
 Silicon Valley 1x08 - Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency
 Boardwalk Empire 5x02 - The Good Listener
 New Girl 4x01 - The Last Wedding
 New Girl 4x02 - Dice
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x01 -
 Modern Family 6x02 - Do Not Push
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x03 - The Bomb
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x04 - Cold War: Truman, Wallace, Stalin, Churchill & The Bomb
 New Girl 4x03 - Julie Berkmans Older Sister
 Peaky Blinders 2x01 - Episode 1
 The Strain 1x13 - The Master
 Peaky Blinders 2x02 - Episode 2
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x07 - Johnson, Nixon and Vietnam: Reversal of Fortune
 New Girl 4x05 - Landline
 Modern Family 6x04 - Marco Polo
 Peaky Blinders 2x03 - Episode 3
 Boardwalk Empire 5x07 - Friendless Child
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x08 - Reagan, Gorbachev & Third World: Rise of the Right
 The Big Bang Theory 8x06 - The Expedition Approximation
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x09 - Bush & Clinton Squandered Peace - New World Order
 Peaky Blinders 2x04 - Episode 4
 Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States 1x10 - Bush & Obama - Age of Terror
 Peaky Blinders 2x05 - Episode 5
 Suits 2x09 - Asterisk
 American Horror Story 2x08 - Unholy Night
 Dexter 7x11 - Do You See What I See?
 Suits 2x13 - Zane Vs. Zane
 The Borgias 3x03 - Siblings
 How I Met Your Mother 8x24 - Something New
 Modern Family 4x24 - Goodnight, Gracie.
 Chicago Fire 2x04 - A Nuisance Call
 American Horror Story 3x12 - Go to Hell
 True Blood 5x11 - Sunset
 Dexter 5x06 - Everything Is Illuminated
 How I Met Your Mother 8x23 - Something Old
 Suits 3x12 - Yesterday's Gone