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 Beavis and Butthead 8x04 - Drones
 Family Guy 10x01 - Lottery Fever
 Good Vibes 1x02 - Floatopia
 Good Vibes 1x03 - Tech Rehab
 South Park 15x04 - T.M.I.
 The Cleveland Show 2x22 - Hot Cocoa Bang Bang
 The Cleveland Show 3x01 - BFF's
 The Cleveland Show 3x04 - Skip Day
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 American Dad 4x10 - Family Affair
 Family Guy 7x08 - Family Gay
 American Dad 4x11 - Live and Let Fry
 American Dad 4x12 - Roy Rogers McFreely
 Criminal Minds 4x19 - House on Fire
 The Simpsons - 20x21 - Coming to Homerica
 South Park 14x01 - Sexual Healing
 The Cleveland Show 1x16 - Brown Knight
 American Dad 5x16 - Bully for Steve
 South Park 14x07 - Crippled Summer
 The Simpsons 21x21 - Moe Letter Blues
 American Dad 5x18 - Great Space
 Hell On Wheels 1x04 - Jemais Je Ne T'oublierai
 American Dad 7x06 - The Scarlett Getter