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 Blue Bloods 2x03 - Critical Condition
 CSI Miami 8x02 - Hostile Takeover
 CSI Miami 8x09 - Kill Clause
 CSI NY 8x03 - Cavallino Rampante
 CSI NY 8x05 - Air Apparent
 Jersey Shore 5x02 - One Man Down
 Jersey Shore 5x03 - Dropping Like Flies
 Jersey Shore 5x04 - Free Vinny
 Jersey Shore 5x05 - Nothing But Nice
 Knight Rider 1x05 - Knight of the Hunter
 Lost Girl 2x02 - I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)
 NCIS 6x05 - Nine Lives
 Nikita 2x05 - Looking Glass
 Nikita 2x14 - Rogue
 Private Practice 3x08 - Sins of the father
 The Vampire Diaries 3x12 - The Ties That Bind
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