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 Survivor 20x11 - Jumping Ship
 Survivor 20x14 - Anything Could Happen
 Survivor 20x15 - Reunion
 Survivor 21x10 - Stuck in the Middle
 Survivor 21x11 - We Did It Guys
 Survivor 21x12 - You Started, You're Finishing
 Survivor 22x02 - You Own My Vote
 Survivor 23x07 - Trojan Horse
 Survivor 23x13 - Ticking Time Bomb
 Survivor 23x14 - Then There Were Five
 Survivor 24x01 - Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules
 Survivor 24x03 - One World Is Out The Window
 Survivor 24x04 - Bum-Puzzled
 Survivor 24x05 - A Bunch of Idiots
 Survivor 24x07 - The Beauty in a Merge
 Survivor 25x02 - Don't Be Blinded by the Headlights
 Survivor 25x06 - Down and Dirty
 Survivor 25x07 - Not the Only Actor On this Island
 Survivor 25x13 - Gouge My Eyes Out
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 In Plain Sight 2x02 - In My Humboldt Opinion