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 Melrose Place (2009) 1x07 - Windsor
 One Tree Hill 8x12 - The Drinks We Drank Last Night
 Party of Five 1x01 - Pilot
 Party of Five 1x02 - Homework
 Party of Five 1x03 - Good Sports
 Party of Five 1x04 - Worth Waiting For
 Party of Five 1x05 - All Fair
 Party of Five 1x06 - Fathers and Sons
 Party of Five 1x07 - Much Ado
 Party of Five 1x08 - Kiss Me Kate
 Party of Five 1x09 - Something Out of Nothing
 Party of Five 1x10 - Thanksgiving
 Party of Five 1x11 - Private Lives
 Party of Five 1x12 - Games People Play
 Party of Five 1x13 - Grownups
 Party of Five 1x14 - Not Fade Away
 Party of Five 1x15 - It's Not Easy Being Green
 Party of Five 1x16 - Aftershocks
 Party of Five 1x17 - In Loco Parentis
 Party of Five 1x18 - Who Cares?
 Party of Five 1x19 - Brother s Keeper
 Party of Five 1x20 - The Trouble with Charlie
 Party of Five 1x21 - All-Nighters
 Party of Five 1x22 - The Ides of March
 Party of Five 3x01 - Summer Fun, Summer Not
 Party of Five 3x02 - Going, Going, Gone
 Party of Five 3x03 - Short Cuts
 Party of Five 3x04 - Deal With It
 Party of Five 3x05 - Mixed Signals
 Party of Five 3x06 - Going Home
 Party of Five 3x07 - Personal Demons
 Party of Five 3x08 - Not So Fast
 Party of Five 3x09 - Gimme Shelter
 Party of Five 3x10 - Close to You
 Party of Five 3x11 - I Do
 Party of Five 3x12 - Desperate Measures
 Party of Five 3x13 - Christmas
 Party of Five 3x14 - Life s Too Short
 Party of Five 3x15 - Significant Others
 Party of Five 3x16 - I Declare
 Party of Five 3x17 - Misery Loves Company
 Party of Five 3x18 - MYOB
 Party of Five 3x19 - Point of No Return
 Party of Five 3x20 - Intervention
 Party of Five 3x21 - Hitting Bottom
 Party of Five 3x22 - Leap of Faith
 Party of Five 3x23 - Promises, Promises
 Party of Five 3x24 - A Little Faith
 Party of Five 3x25 - You Win Some, You Lose Some
 Spin City 1x01 - Pilot
 Spin City 1x02 - The Great Pretender
 Spin City 1x03 - The Apartment
 Spin City 1x04 - Pride And Prejudice
 Spin City 1x05 - The Rivals
 Spin City 1x06 - A Star Is Born
 Spin City 1x07 - Grand Illusion
 Spin City 1x08 - The High And The Mighty
 Spin City 1x09 - Meet Tommy Dugan
 Spin City 1x10 - The Competition
 Spin City 1x11 - Dog Day Afternoon
 Spin City 1x12 - Criss Cross
 Spin City 1x13 - Bye Bye Love
 Spin City 1x14 - Starting Over
 Spin City 1x15 - Gabbys Song
 Spin City 1x16 - Kiss Me Stupid
 Spin City 1x17 - An Affair To Remember
 Spin City 1x18 - Snowbound
 Spin City 1x19 - Striptease
 Spin City 1x20 - Deaf Becomes Her
 Spin City 1x21 - Hot In The City
 Spin City 1x22 - Bone Free
 Spin City 1x23 - The Mayor Who Came To Dinner
 Spin City 1x24 - Mayor Over Miami
 Two And a Half Men 7x05 - For the Sake of the Child
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