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 Harper's Island 1x10 - Snap
 Happy Endings 1x04 - Mein Coming Out
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 Entourage 7x09 - Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
 Terriers 1x01 - Pilot
 Terriers 1x02 - Dog and Pony
 Terriers 1x04 - Fustercluck
 Hellcats 1x04 - Nobody Loves Me but My Mother
 Life Unexpected 2x04 - Team Rebounded
 Happy Endings 1x05 - Like Father, Like Gun
 Treme 2x05 - Slip Away
 The Hard Times Of RJ Berger 2x10 - Sex. Teen. Candles.
 Happy Endings 1x12 - The Shershow Redemption
 The Hard Times Of RJ Berger 2x11 - Steamy Surprise
 The Hard Times Of RJ Berger 2x12 - The better man
 I Just Want My Pants Back 1x05 - Something's Wrong Down There
 Necessary Roughness 2x04 - Slumpbuster
 Harper's Island 1x09 - Seep
 Supernatural 4x15 - Death Takes a Holiday