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 How I Met Your Mother 4x20 - Mosbius Designs
 Parks and Recreation 3x03 - Time Capsule
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 The Office 5x17 - Golden Ticket
 The Simpsons - 20x14 - In the Name of the Grandfather
 Grey's Anatomy 5x18 - Stand By Me
 30 Rock 3x15 - The Bubble
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 How I Met Your Mother 4x18 - Old King Clancy
 Gossip Girl 2x20 - Remains of the J
 How I Met Your Mother 4x20 - Mosbius Designs
 The Office 5x22 - Heavy Competition
 Grey's Anatomy 5x20 - Sweet Surrender
 The Office 5x24 - Casual Friday
 How I Met Your Mother 4x24 - The Leap
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 The Office 6x09 - Muder
 How I Met Your Mother 5x10 - The Window
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 The Office 6x18 - St. Patrick's Day
 The Office 6x20 - Happy Hour
 Misfits 2x06 - Episode 6
 Castle 2x21 - Den of Thieves
 How I Met Your Mother 5x20 - Home wreckers
 Misfits 2x07 - Christmas Special
 Gossip Girl 3x19 - Dr. Estrangeloved
 Modern Family 1x22 - Airport 2010
 Huge 1x02 - Letter Home
 Community 2x01 - Anthropology 101
 Parenthood 2x03 - I'm Cooler Than You Think
 Community 2x02 - Accounting for Lawyers
 Parenthood 2x07 - Seven Names
 Community 2x08 - Cooperative Calligraphy
 Misfits 2x04 - Episode 4
 Parks and Recreation 3x01 - Go Bih Or Go Home
 Parks and Recreation 3x02 - The Flu
 Parks and Recreation 3x03 - Time Capsule
 Gossip Girl 4x15 - It-girl happened one night
 Parks and Recreation 3x05 - Media Blitz
 Parks and Recreation 3x06 - Indianapolis
 Gossip Girl 4x17 - Empire Of The Son
 Gossip Girl 4x18 - The Kids Stay in the Picture
 Suits 1x11 - Rules Of The Game
 Parks and Recreation 4x03 - Born & Raised
 Happy Endings 2x03 - Yesandwitch
 Parks and Recreation 4x04 - Pawnee Rangers
 Community 3x04 - Remedial Chaos Theory
 Happy Endings 2x05 - Spooky Endings
 Community 3x05 - Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps
 New Girl 1x06 - Thanksgiving
 New Girl 1x08 - Bad in Bed
 Gossip Girl 5x12 - Father and the Bride
 Gossip Girl 5x13 - G.G.
 Sherlock 1x88 - Unlocking Sherlock
 Gossip Girl 5x16 - Cross Rhodes
 Gossip Girl 5x17 - The Princess Dowry
 Gossip Girl 5x21 - Despicable B
 Happy Endings 2x04 - Secrets And Limos
 Gossip Girl 5x22 - Raiders of the Lost Art