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 Army Wives 5x01 - Line of Departure
 Charlie's Angels 1x02 - Runaway, Angels
 Lost Girl 3x09 - Ceremony
 New Girl 3x10 - Thanksgiving III
 Nikita 2x11 - Pale Fire
 One Tree Hill 8x15 - Valentine's Day Is Over
 Supernatural 9x02 - Devil May Care
 The Originals 1x03 - Tangled Up in Blue
 The Originals 1x08 - The River in Reverse
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 The Vampire Diaries 1x07 - Haunted
 The Vampire Diaries 1x09 - History Repeating
 Gossip Girl 3x10 - The Last Days of Disco Stick
 Supernatural 5x10 - Abandon All Hope
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 2x24 - Ben There, Done That
 In Plain Sight 3x03 - Coma Chamaleon
 Supernatural 5x22 - Swang Song
 Pretty Little Liars 1x08 - Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone
 White Collar 2x08 - Company Man
 Supernatural 6x06 - You can't handle the truth
 The Vampire Diaries 2x10 - The Sacrifice
 White Collar 2x10 - Burk's seven
 Pretty Little Liars 1x15 - If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again
 One Tree Hill 8x15 - Valentine's Day Is Over
 Supernatural 6x15 - The French Mistake
 The Listener 2x08 - Vanished
 In Plain Sight 4x01 - The Art of the Steal
 True Blood 4x01 - She's Not There
 Hart of Dixie 1x03 - Gumbo & Glory
 Sanctuary 4x04 - Monsoon
 New Girl 1x05 - Cece Crashes
 Supernatural 7x11 - Adventures in Babysitting
 In Plain Sight 5x02 - Four Marshalls and a Baby
 Lost Girl 3x09 - Ceremony
 Supernatural 5x17 - 99 Problems
 Supernatural 5x18 - Point of No Return