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 Bones 5x07 - The dwarf in the dirt
 Bones 4x16 - The Bones That Foam
 Heroes 4x04 - Acceptance
 CSI Miami 8x04 - In plane Sight
 90210 2x07 - Unmasked
 Lie to Me 2x05 - Grievous Bodily Harm
 CSI Miami 8x06 - Dude, Where's My Groom?
 Nip Tuck 6x03 - Briggette Reinholt
 Nip Tuck 6x04 - Jenny Juggs
 CSI 10x06 - Death an the Maiden
 Nip Tuck 6x05 - Abigail Sullivan
 Lie to Me 2x07 - Black Friday
 90210 2x10 - To Thine Own Self Be True
 CSI NY 6x08 - Cuckoo's Nest
 Nip Tuck 6x06 - Alexis Stone
 CSI NY 6x09 - Manhattanhenge
 Desperate Housewives 6x09 - Would I think of suicide?
 Lie to Me 2x09 - Fold Equity
 Bones 5x09 - the gamer in the grease
 CSI Miami 8x10 - Count Me Out
 Nip Tuck 6x09 - Benny Nilsson
 Nip Tuck 7x01 - Dan Daly
 Nip Tuck 7x02 - Willow Banks
 Nip Tuck 7x06 - Dr. Griffin
 Nip Tuck 7x09 - Hiro Yoshimura
 Haven 2x07 - The Tides That Bind
 Greys Anatomy 7x13 - Don't deceive me
 Haven 2x02 - Fear & Loathing
 Leverage 4x08 - The Boiler Room Job
 Leverage 4x10 - The Queen's Gambit Job
 Leverage 4x18 - The Last Dam Job [Season Finale]
 The Firm 1x04 - Chapter Four
 Person of Interest 1x14 - Wolf and Cub
 The Firm 1x07 - Chapter Seven
 The Firm 1x09 - Chapter Nine
 The Firm 1x10 - Chapter Ten
 The Firm 1x11 - Chapter Eleven
 The Firm 1x12 - Chapter Twelve
 The Firm 1x13 - Chapter Thirteen
 The Firm 1x14 - Chapter Fourteen
 The Firm 1x15 - Chapter Fifteen
 The Firm 1x18 - Chapter Eighteen
 House MD 8x22 - Everybody Dies
 Awake 1x13 - Turtles All the Way Down
 The Firm 1x19 - Chapter nineteen
 The Firm 1x21 - Chapter Twenty-One
 The Firm 1x22 - Chapter 22
 Leverage 5x03 - The First Contact Job
 Leverage 5x04 - The French connection job
 Leverage 5x06 - The D.B. Cooper Job
 Perception 1x07 - Nemesis
 Touch 1x13 - The Road Not Taken