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 90210 4x18 - Blood Is Thicker Than Mud
 Pretty Little Liars 2x18 - A Kiss Before Lying
 90210 4x20 - Blue Ivy
 Desperate Housewives 8x19 - With so little to be sure of
 Gossip Girl 5x18 - Con Heir
 Glee 3x15 - The Big Brother
 Gossip Girl 5x20 - Salon of the Dead
 Glee 3x16 - Saturday Night Glee-ver
 Gossip Girl 5x21 - Despicable B
 Glee 3x18 - Choke
 Gossip Girl 5x23 - The Fugitives
 Glee 3x19 - Prom-asaurus
 Pretty Little Liars 3x05 - That Girl is Poison