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 Cougar Town 3x14 - My Life + 3x15 Your World
 Touch 1x06 - Lost and Found
 Desperate Housewives 8x18 - Any Moment
 Cougar Town 3x06 - Something Big
 Ringer 1x18 - That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life
 Being Human (US) 2x11 - Don't Fear The Scott
 90210 4x20 - Blue Ivy
 Touch 1x03 - Safety In Numbers
 Desperate Housewives 8x19 - With so little to be sure of
 Being Human (US) 2x12 - Partial Eclipse of the Heart
 Castle 4x20 - The Limey
 Ringer 1x20 - If You're Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It
 Touch 1x04 - Kite Strings
 Being Human (US) 2x13 - It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To
 Modern Family 3x19 - Election Day
 Glee 3x15 - The Big Brother
 Ringer 1x21 - it's Called Improvising, Bitch!
 Gossip Girl 5x22 - Raiders of the Lost Art
 Pretty Little Liars 3x10 - What Lies Beneath