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 Castle 4x21 - Headhunters
 The State Within 1x01 -
 The Amazing Race 20x06 - This Is Wicked Strange
 Law and Order: SVU 13x18 - Valentine‚Äôs Day
 Mike & Molly 2x23 - The Wedding
 Missing 2012 1x09 - Promise
 NCIS 9x23 - Up In Smoke
 The Middle 3x22 - The Clover
 The Mentalist 4x23 - Red Rover, Red Rover
 The Big Bang Theory 5x24 - The countdown reflection
 The Vampire Diaries 3x22 - The Departed
 Law and Order: SVU 13x21 - Learning curve
 Rules of Engagement 6x14 - Goodbye Dolly
 The Legend of Korra 1x06 - And the Winner is...
 Cougar Town 3x12 - Square One
 90210 4x24 - Forever Hold Your Peace
 Glee 3x20 - Props
 The Client List 1x06 - The Cold Hard Truth
 Suburgatory 1x22 - The Motherload
 Greys Anatomy 8x24 - Flight
 Missing 2012 1x10 - Rain on the Evil and on the Good
 Law and Order: SVU 13x22 - Strange Beauty
 The Big C 3x07 - How Bazaar
 Classic Doctor Who 18x11 - Episodio 112 Full Circle. 3 de 4
 Mad Men 5x10 - Christmas Waltz
 Family Guy 10x23 - Internal Affairs
 Girls 1x06 - The Return
 House MD 8x99 - Special-Swan Song
 Rookie Blue 3x01 - The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
 The Outer Limits 1x01 - The Galaxy Being
 Hell's kitchen 10x01 - 18 Chefs Compete
 The Client List 1x08 - Game People Play
 Pretty Little Liars 3x01 - It happened -that day-
 Castle 5x05 - Probable Cause
 Castle 5x08 - After Hours
 Beauty and the Beast 2x04 - Hothead
 Trophy Wife 1x06 - Halloween
 Pretty Little Liars 5x08 - Scream for Me
 Young Justice 2x05 - Beneath