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 Army Wives 2x01 - Would You Know My Name
 Army Wives 2x02 - Strangers In A Strange Land
 Bones 4x01 - Yanks in the UK
 Entourage 5x01 - Fantasy Island
 Gossip Girl 2x01 - Summer kind of wonderful
 Gossip Girl 2x02 - Never Been Marcused
 Greek 2x01 - Brothers and Sisters
 How I Met Your Mother 4x03 - I Heart NJ
 In Treatment 1x01 - Week One Laura
 In Treatment 1x02 - Week One Alex
 In Treatment 1x03 - Week One Sophie
 In Treatment 1x04 - Week One Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x05 - Week One Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x06 - Week Two Laura
 In Treatment 1x07 - Week Two Alex
 In Treatment 1x08 - Week Two Sophie
 In Treatment 1x09 - Week Two Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x10 - Week Two Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x11 - Week Three Laura
 In Treatment 1x12 - Week Three Alex
 In Treatment 1x13 - Week Three Sophie
 In Treatment 1x14 - Week Three Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x15 - Week Three Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x17 - Week Four Alex
 In Treatment 1x18 - Week Four Sophie
 In Treatment 1x19 - Week Four Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x20 - Week Four Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x21 - Week Five Laura
 In Treatment 1x22 - Week Five Alex
 In Treatment 1x23 - Week Five Sophie
 In Treatment 1x24 - Week Five Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x25 - Week Five Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x26 - Week Six Laura
 In Treatment 1x27 - Week Six Alex
 In Treatment 1x28 - Week Six Sophie
 In Treatment 1x29 - Week Six Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x30 - Week Six Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x31 - Week Seven Laura
 In Treatment 1x32 - Week Seven Alex
 In Treatment 1x33 - Week Seven Sophie
 In Treatment 1x34 - Week Seven Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x35 - Week Seven Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x36 - Week Eight Laura
 In Treatment 1x37 - Week Eight Alex
 In Treatment 1x38 - Week Eight Sophie
 In Treatment 1x39 - Week Eight Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x40 - Week Eight Paul and Gina
 In Treatment 1x41 - Week Nine Sophie
 In Treatment 1x42 - Week Nine Jake and Amy
 In Treatment 1x43 - Week Nine Paul and Gina
 One Tree Hill 6x02 - One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning
 Private Practice 2x08 - Crime and Punishment
 The Shield 7x01 - Coefficient of Drag
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 Dexter 3x07 - Easy as Pie
 True Blood 1x10 - I don't wanna know
 Dexter 3x10 - Go Your Own Way
 In Treatment 2x10 - Gina Week Two