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 Harper's Island 1x02 - Crackle
 Castle 1x07 - Home is Where the Heart Stops
 Lie To Me 1x10 - Better Half
 Dollhouse 1x10 - Haunted
 Fringe 1x18 - Midnight
 THE UNUSUALS 1x06 - The Circle Line
 Dollhouse 1x12 - Omega
 Harper's Island 1x05 - Thwack
 Flashpoint 3x02 - Never Let You Down
 Fringe 2x12 - Johari Window
 Ugly Americans 1x03 - Demon Baby
 Happy Town 1x07 - Dallas Alice Doesn't Live here Anymore
 The Mentalist 1x20 - Red Sauce
 Dexter 4x12 - The Getaway
 Nikita 1x03 - Kill Jill
 THE UNUSUALS 1x04 - Crime Slut