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 Person of Interest 1x22 - No Good Deed
 Game of Thrones 2x05 - The Ghost Of Harrenhal
 CSI NY 8x18 - Near Death
 Criminal Minds 7x23 - Hit & Run
 Bones 8x01 - The Future In The Past
 Castle 5x01 - After the Storm
 Switched At Birth 1x26 - Tree of Forgiveness
 Criminal Minds 8x01 - The Silencer
 Person of Interest 2x01 - The Contingency
 Castle 5x02 - Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder
 Criminal Minds 8x02 - The Pact
 Person of Interest 2x04 - Triggerman
 CSI 13x05 - Play Dead
 Castle 5x06 - The Final Frontier
 Person of Interest 2x06 - The High Road