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 Chicago PD 2x23 - Born Into Bad
 Madam Secretary 1x21 - The Kill List
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 Deception 1x08 - Stay With Me
 Deception 1x05 - Why Wait
 Revenge 2x00 - The first chapter
 Nikita 2x21 - Dead Drop
 Revenge 1x19 - Absolution
 The Finder 1x12 - Voodoo Undo
 Bones 7x12 - The Suit on the Set
 King 2x02 - Josh Simpson
 Nikita 2x22 - Crossbow
 Fringe 4x22 - Brave New World (Parte 2)
 Person of Interest 1x23 - Firewall
 Nikita 2x23 - Homecoming
 Teen Wolf 2x09 - Party Guessed
 Perception 1x06 - lovestick
 Cracked 1x02 - Fallen
 Elementary 1x04 - The Rat Race
 Nikita 3x02 - Innocence
 Elementary 1x05 - Lesser Evils
 Chicago Fire 1x07 - Two Families
 Cracked 1x01 - How the Light Gets In
 Last Resort 1x11 - Damn The Torpedoes
 Deception 1x02 - Nothing's Free, Little Girl
 Deception 1x03 - A Drop of Blood and a Microscope
 Cracked 1x06 - Spirited Away
 Deception 1x04 - One, Two, Three...One, Two, Three
 Cracked 1x04 - White Knight
 Cracked 1x03 - What We Can't See
 Cracked 1x05 - No Traveller Returns
 Do No Harm 1x02 - Don't Answer The Phone
 Chicago Fire 1x14 - A little taste
 Person of Interest 2x14 - One percent
 Deception 1x06 - Don't Be A Dummy
 Cracked 1x07 - Rocket Man
 Cracked 1x08 - The Thump Parade
 The Following 1x07 - Let Me Go
 Touch 2x06 - Broken
 Deception 1x10 - You're the Bad Guy
 Cracked 1x09 - Cherry Blossoms
 Cracked 1x10 - Inquest
 Nikita 3x15 - Inevitability
 Cracked 1x11 - Night Terrors
 Cracked 1x12 - Old Soldiers
 Zero Hour (2013) 1x07 - Sync
 Do No Harm 1x05 - A Stand
 Do No Harm 1x04 - Me Likey
 Do No Harm 1x06 - I Can't Keep Your Secret
 Do No Harm 1x07 - Six Feet Deep
 Do No Harm 1x08 - The Cookie Jar
 Do No Harm 1x09 - Circadian Rhythms
 Perception 2x09 - Wounded
 Do No Harm 1x10 - Mine
 Do No Harm 1x11 - But I'm Allergic to Cats
 Do No Harm 1x12 - You Made Me Do This
 Do No Harm 1x13 - This Is How It Ends
 Cracked 2x01 - Swans
 Cracked 2x02 - The Price
 Cracked 2x03 - The Valley
 Chicago Fire 2x04 - A Nuisance Call
 Cracked 2x04 - Faces
 Chicago Fire 2x05 - A Power Move
 Cracked 2x05 - The Hold Out
 The Vampire Diaries 5x05 - Monster's Ball
 Cracked 2x06 - Ghost Dance
 Chicago Fire 2x06 - Joyriding
 Cracked 2x07 - Hideaway
 Cracked 2x08 - Voices
 Chicago Fire 2x09 - You will hurt him
 Chosen 2x01 - Second Chances
 Chosen 2x02 - Heroes and Villains
 Chosen 2x03 - Right At Your Door
 Chosen 2x04 - Killers
 Chosen 2x05 - Collision Course
 Chosen 2x06 - Protect Your Own
 The Last Ship 1x04 - We'll Get There
 Intelligence (US) 1x09 - Athens
 Perception 2x11 - Curveball
 Perception 2x12 - Brotherhood
 Chicago Fire 2x16 - A rocket blasting off
 The Blacklist 1x16 - Mako Tanida
 Intelligence (US) 1x12 - The Event Horizon
 Person of Interest 3x18 - Allegiance
 Crisis 1x04 - We Were Supposed To Help Each Other
 Chosen 3x01 - Redemption
 Chosen 3x02 - Dirty Hands
 Chosen 3x03 - The Hatchet
 Legends 1x06 - Gauntlet
 The Blacklist 1x19 - The Pavlovich Brothers
 Chosen 3x05 - Downward Spiral
 Chosen 3x04 - Prisoners
 Chosen 3x06 - Monsters
 Believe 1x09 - Prodigy
 Crisis 1x08 - How Far Would You Go
 The Blacklist 1x21 - Berlin
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x21 - Ragtag
 Chicago Fire 2x21 - One More Shot
 Crisis 1x09 - You Do Not Know War
 Crisis 1x10 - Found
 Crisis 1x11 - Best Laid Plans
 Perception 3x01 - Paris
 Crisis 1x13 - World's Best Dad
 24 9x09 - 7:00 to 8:00 p.m
 The Leftovers 1x00 - Making The Leftovers Show
 24 9x10 - Episode 10
 Perception 3x03 - Shiver
 Dominion 1x03 - Broken Places
 The Last Ship 1x03 - Dead Reckoning
 24 9x11 - 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 pm
 The Night Shift 1x04 - Grace Under Fire
 Extant 1x01 - Re-Entry
 Dominion 1x04 - The Flood
 Perception 3x05 - Eternity
 24 9x12 - 10 PM to 11 AM
 Dominion 1x05 - Something Borrowed
 The Last Ship 1x05 - El Toro
 Dominion 1x06 - Black Eyes Blue
 The Last Ship 1x06 - Lockdown
 Dominion 1x07 - Ouroboros
 The Last Ship 1x07 - SOS
 The Lottery (2014) 1x03 - Greater Good
 Perception 3x08 - Prologue
 Dominion 1x08 - Beware Those Closest to You
 The Last Ship 1x08 - Two Sailors Walk into a Bar
 The Lottery (2014) 1x04 - Genie
 Helix 1x01 - Pilot
 Perception 3x10 - Dirty
 Legends 1x02 - Chemistry
 The Last Ship 1x10 - No place like home
 Legends 1x03 - Lords Of War
 Homeland 4x00 - Debrief
 Legends 1x04 - Betrayal
 Gotham 1x00 - The Legend Reborn
 Legends 1x05 - Rogue
 Extant 1x12 - Before The Blood
 The Strain 1x10 - Loved Ones
 The Strain 1x11 - The Third Rail
 Gotham 1x01 - Pilot
 Scorpion 1x01 - Pilot
 Legends 1x07 - Quicksand
 Z Nation 1x03 - Philly Feast
 Resurrection (2014) 2x01 - Revelation
 Scorpion 1x02 - Single Point of Failure
 Forever 1x03 - The Fountain of Youth
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x02 - Heavy is the Head
 Stalker 1x01 - Pilot
 Legends 1x08 - Iconoclast
 Chicago PD 2x04 - Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw
 Scorpion 1x03 - A Cyclone
 Legends 1x09 - Wilderness of Mirrors
 Chicago PD 2x03 - The Weigh Station
 Scorpion 1x04 - Shorthanded
 Chicago Fire 3x04 - Apologies are Dangerous
 Resurrection (2014) 2x04 - Old Scars
 Scorpion 1x05 - Plutonium is Forever
 Chicago Fire 3x05 - The Nuclear Option
 Chicago PD 2x05 - An Honest Woman
 Scorpion 1x06 - True Colors
 How to Get Away with Murder 1x05 - We're Not Friends
 Resurrection (2014) 2x05 - Will
 Forever 1x07 - New York Kids
 Chicago Fire 3x06 - Madmen and Fools
 Resurrection (2014) 2x06 - Afflictions
 Scorpion 1x07 - Father's Day
 Chicago PD 2x06 - Prison Ball
 Scorpion 1x08 - Risky Business
 Chicago Fire 3x07 - Nobody Touches Anything (1)
 Law and Order: SVU 16x07 - Chicago Crossover
 Chicago PD 2x07 - They'll Have To Go Through Me (3)
 Chicago Fire 3x08 - Chopper
 Chicago PD 2x08 - Assignment of the Year
 Scorpion 1x10 - Talismans
 State of Affairs 1x02 - Secrets and Lies
 Chicago Fire 3x09 - Arrest In Transit
 Chicago Fire 3x10 - Santa Bites
 State of Affairs 1x03 - Half the Sky
 Scorpion 1x11 - Revenge
 State of Affairs 1x04 - Bang, Bang
 Chicago PD 2x09 - Called In Dead
 Scorpion 1x12 - Dominoes
 State of Affairs 1x05 - Ar Rissalah
 State of Affairs 1x06 - Masquerade
 Chicago Fire 3x11 - Let Him Die
 State of Affairs 1x07 - Bellerophon
 State of Affairs 1x08 - Ghosts
 Chicago Fire 3x12 - Ambush Predator
 Chicago PD 2x11 - We Don't Work Together Anymore
 New Girl 4x20 - Par 5
 Chicago PD 2x12 - Disco Bob
 Stalker 1x13 - The News
 Chicago PD 2x13 - A Little Devil Complex
 Chicago Fire 3x14 - Call It Paradise
 Chicago PD 2x14 - Erin's Mom
 Chicago Fire 3x15 - Headlong Towards Disaster
 Chicago PD 2x15 - What do you do
 Scorpion 1x17 - Going South
 Forever 1x16 - Memories of murder
 Person of Interest 4x16 - Blunt
 Chicago PD 2x16 - What Puts You on That Ledge
 Allegiance 1x04 - Chasing Ghosts
 Chicago Fire 3x16 - Red Rage The Bull
 Allegiance 1x06 - Liars and Thieves
 Chicago Fire 3x18 - Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional
 Chicago PD 2x17 - Say Her Real Name
 The Returned (US) 1x03 - Julie
 Allegiance 1x08 - The Arrival
 Scorpion 1x20 - Crossroads
 Chicago PD 2x18 - Get Back to Even
 The Returned (US) 1x04 - Victor
 Olympus 1x01 - The Temple of Gaia
 Elementary 3x18 - The View From Olympus
 The Returned (US) 1x05 - Tony and Adam
 Forever 1x20 - Best Food Forward
 Chicago Fire 3x19 - I Am the Apocalypse
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x16 - Afterlife
 Chicago PD 2x19 - The Three G's
 Allegiance 1x10 - A Convenient Place to Die
 Madam Secretary 1x19 - Spartan Figures
 Between 1x03 - Crossing Lines
 Madam Secretary 1x20 - The Necessary Art
 Allegiance 1x11 - Blowback
 Scorpion 1x22 - Postcards from the Edge
 The Returned (US) 1x07 - Rowan
 Forever 1x21 - The Night in Question
 Chicago Fire 3x20 - You Know Where to Find Me
 Madam Secretary 1x21 - The Kill List
 Chicago Fire 3x21 - We Called Her Jellybean (1)
 Chicago PD 2x20 - The Number of Rats
 Madam Secretary 1x22 - There But For The Grace Of God
 The Returned (US) 1x10 - Peter
 Chicago Fire 3x23 - Spartacus
 Chicago PD 2x22 - Push the Pain Away
 Chicago PD 2x23 - Born Into Bad
 Between 1x01 - School's Out
 The Whispers 1x01 - X Marks the Spot
 UnReal 1x01 - Return
 UnReal 1x02 - Relapse
 UnReal 1x03 - Mother
 Complications 1x01 - Pilot/Infection
 UnReal 1x04 - Wife
 Between 1x04 - Love Hurts
 Tyrant 2x01 - Mark of Cain
 Complications 1x03 - Onset
 American Odyssey 1x12 - Bug Out
 American Odyssey 1x05 - Beat Feet
 Between 1x05 - End of the Rope
 American Odyssey 1x13 - Real World
 Deception 1x07 - Tell Me
 Revenge 4x07 - Ambush
 Constantine 1x05 - Danse Vaudou