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 Glee 3x21 - Nationals
 Glee 4x03 - Makeover
 Grimm 2x05 - The Good Shepherd
 The Larry Sanders Show 1x06 - The Flirt Episode
 Glee 4x04 - The Break Up
 Greys Anatomy 9x02 - Remember the Time
 Greys Anatomy 9x08 - Love turns you upside down
 Once Upon a Time 2x10 - The Cricket Game
 Touch 2x04 - Perfect Storm
 Greys Anatomy 10x11 - Man on the Moon
 How I Met Your Mother 9x15 - Unpause
 Once Upon a Time 4x19 - Sympathy for the De Vil
 Greys Anatomy 10x16 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
 Once Upon a Time 4x14 - Unforgiven
 Elementary 3x01 - Enough Nemesis To Go Around
 Criminal Minds 10x05 - Boxed In
 Grimm 4x09 - Wesenrein
 Greys Anatomy 11x10 - The Bed's Too Big Without You
 Glee 6x09 - Child Star
 Once Upon a Time 4x13 - Darkness on the Edge of Town
 Criminal Minds 10x17 - Breath Play
 Glee 6x11 - We Built This Glee Club
 Greys Anatomy 11x16 - Don't dream it's over
 Criminal Minds 10x18 - Rock Creek Park
 Once Upon a Time 4x17 - Best Laid Plans
 Greys Anatomy 11x19 - Crazy Love
 Bones 10x13 - The Baker in the Bits
 Game of Thrones 5x02 - The House of Black and White
 Game of Thrones 5x03 - High Sparrow
 Once Upon a Time 4x18 - Heart of Gold
 Game of Thrones 5x04 - The Sons of the Harpy
 Criminal Minds 10x21 - Mr. Scratch
 Once Upon a Time 4x20 - Lily
 Bones 10x15 - The Eye in the Sky
 Grimm 4x19 - Iron Hans
 Criminal Minds 10x22 - Protection
 Grimm 4x20 - You donĀ“t know Jack
 Once Upon a Time 4x21 - Mother
 Criminal Minds 10x23 - Hunt
 Once Upon a Time 04x22 - Operation Mongoose
 Bones 10x20 - The Woman in the Whirlpool
 Bones 10x22 - The next in the last
 Grimm 4x15 - Double Date