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 The Soul Man 1x01 - Lost in the move
 Missing 2012 1x10 - Rain on the Evil and on the Good
 House MD 8x22 - Everybody Dies
 Revenge 1x22 - Reckoning
 Glee 3x22 - Goodbye [Season Finale]
 Doctor Who Confidential 6x08 - River Runs Wild
 The Middle 3x24 - The Wedding
 Law and Order: SVU 13x23 - Rhodium Nights [Season Finale]
 Men at Work 1x01 - Pilot
 Episodes 2x03 - Episode 3
 The Killing 2x10 - 72 Hours
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 4x23 - 4SnP
 Touch 1x12 - Gyre (Part 2)
 Touch 1x11 - Gyre (Part 1)
 Melissa & Joey 2x03 - Good to Go
 The Listener 3x02 - Cold Case Blues
 Men at Work 1x04 - Heterotextual Male
 Danger 5 1x05 - Fresh Meat For Hitler's Sex Kitchen
 Falling Skies 2x01 - Worlds Apart
 Falling Skies 2x02 - Shall we gather at the river
 Dead Boss 1x01 - Episode 01
 Hit & Miss 1x05 - Episode 05
 Bunheads 1x03 - Inherit the Wind
 Line of Duty 1x01 - Episode 1
 The Great Escape 1x01 - Escape From Alcatraz
 The Soul Man 1x02 - Pastor Interference
 True Blood 5x04 - We'll Meet Again
 Line of Duty 1x02 - Episode 2
 Hatufim (Prisoners of War) 1x01 -
 Web Therapy 2x01 - Getting It Straight
 Franklin & Bash 2x05 - L'affaire Du Coeur
 Falling Skies 2x05 - Love and Other Acts of Courage
 The Soul Man 1x03 - The Ballentine Hands
 White Collar 4x01 - Wanted
 Line of Duty 1x03 - Episode 3
 The Soul Man 1x04 - I Wanna Spend Time Witchoo
 Falling Skies 2x06 - Homecoming
 The Closer 7x17 - Fool's Gold