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 Common Law 1x08 - Joint Custody
 Arrow 2x02 - Identity
 Common Law 1x03 - Soul Mates
 Common Law 1x04 - Ex Factor
 Common Law 1x07 - Role Play
 Common Law 1x05 - The T Word
 Common Law 1x06 - Performance Anxiety
 Common Law 1x02 - Ride-Along
 Common Law 1x01 - Pilot
 Baby Daddy 1x03 - The Nurse and the Curse
 Wilfred (US) 2x04 - Guilt
 Wilfred (US) 2x05 - Now
 Common Law 1x09 - Odd Couples
 Common Law 1x10 - In-Laws vs Outlaws
 Common Law 1x11 - Hot for Teacher
 Common Law 1x12 - Gun!
 Revolution 1x01 - Pilot
 Hell On Wheels 2x06 - Purged Away With Blood
 Last Resort 1x01 - Captain
 Arrow 1x01 - Pilot
 Arrow 1x03 - Lone.Gunmen
 Misfits 4x01 - Episode 1
 Misfits 4x02 - Episode 2
 Arrow 1x05 - Damaged
 Misfits 4x03 - Episode 3
 Arrow 1x06 - Legacies
 Misfits 4x04 - Episode 4
 Misfits 4x05 - Capítulo 5
 Arrow 1x07 - muse of fire
 Misfits 4x08 -
 Arrow 1x08 - Vendetta
 Misfits 4x06 - Episode 6
 Arrow 1x09 - Year's End
 A Young Doctor's Notebook 1x01 - Episode 01
 A Young Doctor's Notebook 1x03 - Episode 3
 Arrow 1x10 - Burned
 Arrow 1x12 - Vertigo
 Arrow 1x11 - Trust But Verify
 Arrow 1x13 - Betrayal
 Arrow 1x14 - The Odyssey
 Banshee 1x06 - Wicks
 Arrow 1x15 - Dodger
 Banshee 1x07 - Behold a pale rider
 Complicit 1x01 - First
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x90 - The Snowmen (Christmas Special)
 Arrow 1x16 - Dead to Rights
 Banshee 1x08 - We Shall Live Forever
 Banshee 1x01 - Pilot
 Banshee 1x09 - Always A Cowboy
 Banshee 1x02 - The Rave
 Banshee 1x03 - Meet the New Boss
 Banshee 1x04 - Half Dead Is Better Than All Dead
 Banshee 1x05 - The Kindred
 Banshee 1x10 - A Mixture of Madness
 Arrow 1x17 - The Huntress Returns
 Arrow 1x18 - Salvation
 Bates Motel 1x01 - First You Dream Then You Die
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x06 - The Bells of Saint John
 Bates Motel 1x03 - What's Wrong With Norman
 Arrow 1x19 - Unfinished Business
 Bates Motel 1x02 - Nice Town You Picked, Norma
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x07 - The Rings of Akhaten
 Bates Motel 1x05 - Ocean View
 Bates Motel 1x06 - The Truth
 Arrow 1x20 - Home Invasion
 The Americans 1x12 - The Oath
 Bates Motel 1x07 - The Man in Number 9
 Arrow 1x21 - The Undertaking
 Bates Motel 1x08 - A Boy and His Dog
 Arrow 1x22 - Darkness on the Edge of Town
 Game of Thrones 3x07 - The Bear and the Maiden Fair
 Bates Motel 1x09 - Underwater
 Arrow 1x23 - Sacrifice
 Bates Motel 1x10 - Midnight
 Under the Dome 1x01 - Pilot
 Under the Dome 1x02 - The Fire
 Under the Dome 1x03 - Manhunt
 Tími nornarinnar 1x01 -
 Under the Dome 1x04 - Outbreak
 Under the Dome 1x05 - Blue on Blue
 Under the Dome 1x06 - The Endless Thrist
 Under the Dome 1x07 - Imperfect Circles
 Under the Dome 1x08 - Thicker Than Water
 Under the Dome 1x09 - The Fourth Hand
 Under the Dome 1x10 - Let the Games Begin
 Under the Dome 1x11 - Speak of the Devil
 Under the Dome 1x12 - Exigent Circumstances
 Under the Dome 1x13 - Curtains
 Arrow 2x01 - City of Heroes
 Arrow 2x03 - Broken Dolls
 Reign 1x02 - Snakes in the Garden
 Arrow 2x04 - Crucible
 Arrow 2x05 - League Of Assassins
 Arrow 2x06 - Keep Your Enemies Closer
 Arrow 2x07 - State v. Queen
 Almost Human 1x03 - Are You Receiving?
 Misfits 5x01 - Episode One
 A Young Doctor's Notebook 2x02 -
 Almost Human 1x04 - The Bends
 Arrow 2x08 - The Scientist
 A Young Doctor's Notebook 2x03 - Episode 3
 Almost Human 1x05 - Blood Brothers
 Arrow 2x09 - Three Ghost
 Misfits 5x02 - Episode 2
 A Young Doctor's Notebook 2x04 - Episode 4
 Almost Human 1x06 - Arrhythmia
 Misfits 5x03 - Episode 3
 Misfits 5x04 - Episode Four
 Ground Floor 1x06 - If I were a rich man
 Misfits 5x05 - Episode Five
 Arrow 2x00 - Year One
 Almost Human 1x07 - Simon Says
 Arrow 2x10 - Blast Radius
 Banshee 2x01 - Little Fish
 Banshee 2x02 - The Thunder Man
 True Detective 1x02 - Seeing Things
 Arrow 2x11 - Blind Spot
 Banshee 2x03 - The Warrior Class
 Arrow 2x12 - Tremors
 Banshee 2x04 - Bloodlines
 Arrow 2x13 - Heir to the Demon
 Banshee 2x05 - The Truth About Unicorns
 Bosch 1x01 - Pilot
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x17 - Full Boyle
 Banshee 2x06 - Armies of One
 Banshee 2x07 - Ways to Bury a Man
 Arrow 2x14 - Time of Death
 Banshee 2x08 - Evil for Evil
 Arrow 2x15 - The Promise
 Banshee 2x09 - Homecoming
 Almost Human 1x08 - You Are Here
 Banshee 2x10 - Bullets and Tears
 Arrow 2x16 - Suicide Squad
 Arrow 2x23 - Unthinkable
 Almost Human 1x09 - Unbound
 Arrow 2x17 - Birds of Prey
 Almost Human 1x10 - Perception
 Arrow 2x18 - Deathstroke
 Almost Human 1x11 - Disrupt
 Arrow 2x19 - The Man Under the Hood
 Arrow 2x20 - Seeing Red
 Arrow 2x21 - City of Blood
 Arrow 2x22 - Streets of Fire
 The Big Bang Theory 7x23 - The Gorilla Dissolution
 The Big Bang Theory 7x24 - The Status Quo Combustion
 Almost Human 1x12 - Beholder
 Almost Human 1x13 - Straw Man
 Under the Dome 2x01 - Heads will roll
 Under the Dome 2x02 - Infestation
 Under the Dome 2x03 - Force Majeure
 Under the Dome 2x13 - Go Now
 Arrow 3x02 - Sara
 Arrow 3x01 - The Calm
 Banshee 3x01 - The Fire Trials
 Banshee 3x03 - A Fixer of Sorts