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 Criminal Minds 4x20 - Conflicted
 Desperate Housewives 5x21 - Bargaining
 Desperate Housewives 6x02 - Being Alive
 Legend of the Seeker 1x19 - Cursed
 Saving Grace 3x13 - You can't save them all
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 Trinity 1x01 - Pilot
 Heroes 4x01 - Orientation
 Castle 2x01 - Deep in Death
 Criminal Minds 5x01 - Faceless Nameless
 Eureka 3x15 - Shower the people
 Medium 5x08 - Truth Be Told
 The Tudors 3x01 - Episode 1
 The Mentalist 1x19 - A Dozen Red
 Criminal Minds 4x20 - Conflicted
 Eli Stone 2x10 - Sonoma
 Grounded for Life 4x04 - I Right the Wrongs
 Fringe 1x16 - Unleashed
 Bones 4x20 - The Cinderella in the Cardboard
 Bones 4x21 - Mayhem on the Cross
 Bad Girls 5x01 - Episode 1
 Desperate Housewives 5x21 - Bargaining
 Eli Stone 2x12 - Tailspin
 Criminal Minds 4x23 - Roadkill
 Bones 4x25 - The Critic in the Cabernet
 Legend of the Seeker 1x20 - Sanctuary
 Medium 5x13 - How to Make a Killing in Big Business
 Lie to Me 1x13 - Sacrifice
 Criminal Minds 4x24 - Amplification
 Medium 5x16 - The Man in the Mirror
 Flashpoint 2x13 - Exit Wounds
 Criminal Minds 4x25 - To Hell and Back
 The Tudors 3x08 - Episode 8
 True Blood 2x01 - Nothing But the Blood
 The Closer (2005-2009) 5x02 - Blood Money
 Eli Stone 2x13 - Flight Path
 The Closer (2005-2009) 5x04 - Walking Back the Cat
 Merlin 2x03 - The Nightmare Begins
 Mental 1x07 - Obsessively Yours
 The Closer (2005-2009) 5x07 - Strike Three
 Medium 6x01 - Deja Vu All Over Again
 The Closer (2005-2009) 5x10 - Smells Like Murder
 The Philanthropist 1x08 - Haiti
 True Blood 2x09 - I Will Rise Up
 Eureka 3x16 - You Dont Know Jack
 Eureka 3x17 - Have an Ice Day
 Eureka 3x18 - What Goes Around Comes Around
 The Vampire Diaries 1x03 - Friday night bites
 Lie to Me 2x01 - The Core of It
 Criminal Minds 5x02 - Haunted
 The Forgotten 1x02 - Diamond Jane
 Dexter 4x02 - Remains To Be Seen
 Desperate Housewives 6x02 - Being Alive
 Lie to Me 2x02 - Truth or Consequences
 Two And a Half Men 7x03 - Mmm fish Yum
 Castle 2x03 - Inventing the Girl
 Criminal Minds 5x03 - Reckoner
 Glee 1x06 - Vitamin D
 Medium 6x07 - New Terrain
 Lie to Me 2x06 - Lack of Candor
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x03 - Malama Ka Aina
 Archer 1x06 - Skorpio
 The Forgotten 1x13 - Mama Jane
 The Good Wife 1x21 - Unplugged
 Castle 2x16 - The Mistress Always Spanks Twice
 The Good Wife 1x17 - Heart
 Castle 2x17 - Tick, Tick, Tick
 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 9x01 - Loyalty Part. 1
 Saving Grace 3x12 - Hear the Birds
 Saving Grace 3x13 - You can't save them all
 Castle 2x20 - The Late Shaft
 The Tudors 4x04 - Episode 4
 Bones 5x21 - The Boy With The Answer
 The Mentalist 2x22 - Red Letter
 The Tudors 4x06 -
 V (2009) 1x12 - Red Sky
 Criminal Minds 5x22 - The internet is 4ever
 The Mentalist 2x23 - Red Sky in the Morning
 The Good Guys 1x01 - Pilot
 The Good Wife 1x23 - Running
 Criminal Minds 5x23 - Our Darkest Hour
 Saving Grace 3x15 - So Help You God
 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 9x14 - Palimpsest
 Leverage 3x06 - The Studio Job
 Leverage 3x07 - The Gone Fishin' Job
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x04 - Battlefield
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x05 - Legacy
 The Closer 6x07 - Jump the Gun
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x07 - Episode 7 & 8
 Leverage 3x12 - he King George Job
 The Closer 6x09 - Last Woman Standing
 The Vampire Diaries 2x01 - The Return
 The Vampire Diaries 2x02 - Brave New World
 Castle 3x01 - A Deadly Affair
 Criminal Minds 6x01 - The Longest Night
 The Whole Truth 1x01 - Piloto
 The Vampire Diaries 2x03 - Bad moon
 Fringe 3x01 - Olivia
 Supernatural 6x01 - Exile on Main Street
 Medium 7x01 - Daughter to Work Day
 Chase 1x02 - Repo
 The Good Wife 2x01 - Taking control
 Criminal Minds 6x02 - JJ
 The Whole Truth 1x02 - Thicker Than Water
 Blue Bloods 1x02 - Samaritan
 The Mentalist 3x02 - Cackle-Bladder Blood
 The Defenders 1x02 - Las vegas vs Reid
 The Vampire Diaries 2x04 - Memory Lane
 Medium 7x02 - The Match Game
 Detroit 187 1x02 - Local Hero/Overboard
 The Mentalist 3x03 - The Blood on His
 Haven 1x13 - Spiral
 Bones 6x03 - The Maggots in the Meathead
 Merlin 3x05 - The Crystal Cave
 Dexter 5x03 - Practically Perfect
 The Good Wife 2x03 - Breaking Fast
 Detroit 187 1x04 - Royal Bubbles; Needle Drop
 The Mentalist 3x04 - Red Carpet Treatment
 Shit My Dad Says 1x04 - Code Ed
 Castle 3x05 - Anatomy of a Murder
 Detroit 187 1x05 - Murder in Greektown; High School Confidential
 The Good Wife 2x04 - Cleaning House
 The Mentalist 3x05 - The Red Ponies
 The Whole Truth 1x05 - When Cougars Attack.
 Medium 7x05 - Talk to the Hand
 Merlin 3x07 - The Castle of Fyrien
 Detroit 187 1x06 - Lost Child - Murder 101
 Detroit 187 1x07 - Broken Engagement
 V (2009) 1x07 - John May
 The Good Wife 1x19 - Boom
 House MD 7x05 - Unplanned Parenthood
 True Blood 2x12 - Beyond Here Lies Nothing