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 Cougar Town 5x10 - Too Good To Be True
 Cougar Town 5x13 - We Stand A Chance
 Melissa & Joey 3x20 - Feel the Burn
 Melissa & Joey 3x22 - House Broken
 Melissa & Joey 3x23 - Couples Therapy
 Melissa & Joey 3x25 - My roof, my rules
 Nashville 2x18 - Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down
 Nashville 2x19 - Crazy
 Nashville 3x07 - I'm Coming Home to You
 Nashville 3x12 - I've Got Reasons to Hate
 Nashville 3x19 - The Storm Has Just Begun
 New Girl 3x16 - Sister
 Pretty Little Liars 4x21 - She's Come Undone
 Scandal 3x13 - No Sun on the Horizon
 Scandal 4x20 - First Lady Sings the Blues
 Shameless US 4x08 - Hope Springs Paternal
 Shameless US 4x11 - Emily
 Switched At Birth 3x08 - Dance Me to the End of Love
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 Cardinal Burns 1x01 - Episode 1
 Up All Night 2x02 - Home/Office
 Private Practice 6x07 - The World According To Jake
 The Glades 3x08 - Fountain of Youth
 Entourage 2x03 - Aquamansion
 Web Therapy 2x02 - Blindsides and Backslides
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x04 - Lies and byes
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x05 - Past History
 Melissa & Joey 2x09 - Eat, Pray, Date
 Saving Hope 1x07 - Consenting adults
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x06 - Holly Rollers
 The Listener 3x08 - Now You See Him
 Saving Hope 1x08 - Heartsick
 Common Law 1x10 - In-Laws vs Outlaws
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x07 - Girlfriends
 666 Park Avenue 1x01 - Pilot
 Guys With Kids 1x03 - Marny Wants A Girl
 Partners 1x02 - Chicken & Stuffing
 Mike & Molly 3x02 - Vince Takes a Bath
 Go On! 1x05 - Do You Believe In Ghosts...Yes!
 Greys Anatomy 9x02 - Remember the Time
 Up All Night 2x03 - Swingers
 The Good Wife 4x02 - And The Law Won
 Boardwalk Empire 3x04 - Blue Bell Boy
 The Mob Doctor 1x04 - Change of Heart
 Partners 1x03 - The Jeter Exception
 Mike & Molly 3x03 - Mike Likes Cake
 Go On! 1x06 - Big League Chew
 Ben and Kate 1x03 - The Fox Hunt
 World Without End 1x06 - Rook
 Guys With Kids 1x04 - The Standoff
 Haven 3x04 - Over My Head
 Guys With Kids 1x05 - Gary's Day Off
 Up All Night 2x05 - Another Saturday Night
 Scandal 2x03 - Hunting Season
 Treme 3x05 - I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say
 Parenthood 4x06 - I'll Be Right Here
 Go On! 1x07 - Any Given Birthday
 Ben and Kate 1x05 - Emergency kit
 Guys With Kids 1x06 - Apartment Halloween
 Chicago Fire 1x03 - Professional Courtesy
 30 Rock 7x04 - Unwindulax
 Greys Anatomy 9x04 - Saw Her Standing There
 Scandal 2x04 - Beltway Unbuckled
 Blue Bloods 3x05 - Risk and Reward
 666 Park Avenue 1x05 - A Crowd Of Demons
 Treme 3x06 - Careless Love.
 Happy Endings 3x02 - Sabado FreeGante
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x02 - Love and Monsters...
 The Mindy Project 1x04 - Halloween
 Beauty and the Beast 1x04 - Basic Instinct
 Go On! 1x08 - Videogame, Set, Match
 Elementary 1x05 - Lesser Evils
 Blue Bloods 3x06 - Greener Grass
 Nikita 3x03 - True Believer
 Malibu Country 1x01 - Pilot
 666 Park Avenue 1x06 - Diabolic
 Partners 1x05 - 2 Broke Guys
 Private Practice 6x06 - Apron Strings
 Sons of Anarchy 5x09 - Andare Pescare
 The Mob Doctor 1x05 - LEGACY
 Nashville 1x05 - Move It on Over
 Person of Interest 2x06 - The High Road
 Beauty and the Beast 1x05 - Saturn Returns
 Greys Anatomy 9x05 - Beautiful Doom
 Nikita 3x04 - Consequences
 Scandal 2x05 - All roads lead to Fitz
 Malibu Country 1x02 - Baby Steps
 Blue Bloods 3x07 - Nightmares
 666 Park Avenue 1x07 - Downward Spiral
 Beauty and the Beast 1x06 - Episode 6
 Treme 3x09 - Poor Man’s Paradise
 Greys Anatomy 9x06 - Second Opinion
 Misfits 4x04 - Episode 4
 The Mob Doctor 1x07 - Turf War
 Parenthood 4x07 - Together
 Go On! 1x09 - Dinner Takes All
 The Mob Doctor 1x08 - GAME CHANGERS
 Greys Anatomy 9x07 - I Was Made For Lovin' You
 Castle 5x09 - Secret Santa
 Misfits 4x07 - Episode 7
 2 Broke Girls 2x10 - And The Big Opening
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 3x10 - Huaka’I Kula (Field Trip)
 Misfits 4x08 -
 2 Broke Girls 2x11 - And The Silent Partner
 New Girl 2x11 - Santa
 Private Practice 6x09 - I'm fine
 Greys Anatomy 9x09 - Run, Baby, Run
 The Mentalist 5x18 - Behind the Red Curtain
 The Client List 2x03 - Cowboy Up
 Cougar Town 4x12 - This Old Town
 Switched At Birth 2x13 - The Good Samaritan
 It's Kevin 1x01 -
 Switched At Birth 2x14 - He Did What He Wanted
 Saving Hope 2x02 - Little Piggies
 Twisted 1x05 - The Fest and the Furious
 Arrested Development 4x13 - It Gets Better
 Rizzoli & Isles 4x03 - But I am a good girl
 Saving Hope 2x03 - Why Waste Time
 The Glades 4x08 - Three's Company
 Melissa & Joey 3x15 - What Happens in Jersey (Part 2)
 How I Met Your Mother 9x02 - Coming Back
 Greys Anatomy 10x04 - Puttin' on the Ritz
 Hart of Dixie 3x06 - Family Tradition
 Glee 5x06 - Movin' Out
 Masters of Sex 1x09 - Involuntary
 Beauty and the Beast 2x08 - Man Or Beast
 Hart of Dixie 3x08 - Miracles
 Masters of Sex 1x10 - Fallout
 Treme 4x02 - This City
 Baby Daddy 2x16 - Emma's First Christmas
 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x08 - Home
 Treme 4x03 - Dippermouth Blues
 The Carrie Diaries 2x08 - The second time around
 Girls 3x02 - Truth or Dare
 New Girl 3x12 - Basketsball
 Girls 3x03 - She Said OK
 Shameless US 4x02 - My Oldest Daughter
 Cougar Town 5x03 - Depending On You
 Nashville 2x12 - Just For What I Am
 Shameless US 4x04 - Strangers On A Train
 Switched At Birth 3x04 - It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love Is Somewhere Else
 Melissa & Joey 3x20 - Feel the Burn
 Hart of Dixie 3x13 - Act Naturally
 Cougar Town 5x06 - Learning To Fly
 New Girl 3x16 - Sister
 Melissa & Joey 3x21 - Plus One
 Saving Hope 2x16 - Breathless
 Girls 3x07 - Beach House
 Switched At Birth 3x06 - The Scream
 Cougar Town 5x07 - Time To Move On
 Girls 3x08 - Incidentals
 Switched At Birth 3x07 - Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows
 Cougar Town 5x08 - Mystery Of Love
 Melissa & Joey 3x22 - House Broken
 Girls 3x09 - Flo
 Switched At Birth 3x08 - Dance Me to the End of Love
 Melissa & Joey 3x23 - Couples Therapy
 Nashville 2x16 - Guilty Street
 Girls 3x10 - Role-Play
 Once Upon a Time 3x12 - New York City Serenade
 Shameless US 4x08 - Hope Springs Paternal
 Switched At Birth 3x09 - The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)
 Glee 5x11 - City Of Angels
 Cougar Town 5x10 - Too Good To Be True
 Scandal 3x13 - No Sun on the Horizon
 Girls 3x11 - I Saw You
 The Exes 3x19 - My Fair Stuart
 Men at Work 3x09 - Jude Awakening
 Men at Work 3x10 - Odd Milo
 Switched At Birth 3x10 - The Ambush
 Glee 5x12 - 100
 The Americans 2x04 - A Little Night Music
 Melissa & Joey 3x25 - My roof, my rules
 Greys Anatomy 10x16 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
 Melissa & Joey 3x26 - The Chaperones
 Nashville 2x18 - Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down
 Hart of Dixie 3x15 - Ring Of Fire
 Star Crossed 1x07 - To Seek a Foe
 Nashville 2x19 - Crazy
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x16 - End of the Beginning
 Glee 5x14 - New New York
 Cougar Town 5x13 - We Stand A Chance
 The Americans 2x06 - Behind The Red Door
 Melissa & Joey 3x27 - I'll Cut You
 Greys Anatomy 10x18 - You Be Illin'
 Scandal 3x16 - The Fluffer
 Hart of Dixie 3x16 - Carrying Your Love with Me
 Switched At Birth 3x13 - Like a Snowball Down a Mountain
 The Secrets 1x02 - The Conversation
 Greys Anatomy 11x04 - Only Mama knows
 Hart of Dixie 4x01 - Kablang
 Girls 4x01 - Iowa
 Girls 4x02 - Triggering
 Girls 4x03 - Female Author
 Hart of Dixie 4x04 - Red Dye
 Nashville 3x11 - I'm Not that Good at Goodbye
 Girls 4x04 - Cubbies
 Nashville 3x12 - I've Got Reasons to Hate
 Girls 4x10 - Home Birth
 New Girl 4x22 - Clean Break
 Scandal 4x21 - A Few Good Women
 Nashville 3x22 - Before You Go Make Sure You Know
 Scandal 4x22 - You Can't Take Command
 Devious Maids 3x03 - The Awful Truth
 Devious Maids 3x04 - Since You Went Away