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 CSI 15x04 - The Book of Shadows
 NYC 22 1x05 - Self Cleaning Oven
 Saving Hope 1x06 - The great Randall
 The Glades 3x08 - Fountain of Youth
 Family Guy 11x02 - Ratings Guy
 American Dad 8x02 - Killer Vacation
 How I Met Your Mother 8x03 - Nannies
 The New Normal 1x06 -
 The New Normal 1x07 - The Godparent Trap
 CSI 13x04 - It Was a Very Good
 South Park 16x13 - A Scause for Applause
 The Simpsons 24x03 - Adventures in Baby-Getting
 Nashville 1x05 - Move It on Over
 CSI 13x06 - Pick and Roll
 The Neighbors 1x08 - Thanksgiving Is for the Bird-Kersees
 The New Normal 1x11 - Baby Proofing
 Ben and Kate 1x10 - The Trip
 Ben and Kate 1x11 - B-Squad
 Ben and Kate 1x12 - Girl Problems
 CSI 13x12 - Double Fault
 The New Normal 1x15 - Dairy Queen
 The New Normal 1x16 - Dog Children
 The Neighbors 1x18 - Camping
 The Americans 1x05 - Comint
 CSI 13x16 - Last Woman
 Cult 1x03 - Being Billy
 Family Guy 11x15 - Turban Cawboy
 Cult 1x05 - The Kiss
 The Cleveland Show 4x13 - A Rodent Like This
 Ben and Kate 1x14 - Gone Fishin'
 The New Normal 1x21 - Finding name
 Ben and Kate 1x15 - Father-Daughter Dance
 Touch 2x10 - Two Of A Kind
 Cult 1x07 - Suffer the Children
 CSI 13x19 - Backfire
 Supernatural 8x21 - The Great Escapist
 Family Guy 11x19 - Save the Clam
 American Dad 8x19 - Da Flippity Flop
 The Simpsons 24x22 - Dangers on a Train
 Family Guy 11x22 - No Country Club For Old Men
 The Cleveland Show 4x23 - Wheel! Of! Family!
 The Cleveland Show 4x21 - Mr. & Mrs. Brown
 Cult 1x08 - The Devil You Know
 Cult 1x09 - Off to See the Wizard
 Cult 1x10 - The Prophecy of St. Clare
 Cult 1x11 - Flip the Script
 Arrested Development 4x15 - Blockheads
 Melissa & Joey 3x08 - The Unfriending
 The Listener 4x07 - Caged In
 Falling Skies 3x08 - Strange Brew
 Covert Affairs 4x02 - Dig For Fire
 Rizzoli & Isles 4x05 - Dance with the Devil
 Saving Hope 2x05 - The Face Of The Giant Panda
 Melissa & Joey 3x09 - Something Happened
 The Listener 4x08 - The Illustrated Woman
 The Glades 4x09 - Fast Ball
 Rizzoli & Isles 4x06 - Somebody 's watching me
 Suits 3x03 - Unfinished Business
 Melissa & Joey 3x10 - Good Morning Toledo
 The Listener 4x09 - Loves a Bitch
 Suits 3x05 - Shadow of a doubt
 Rizzoli & Isles 4x08 - Cold As Ice
 New Girl 3x01 - All In
 The Listener 4x11 - House of Horror
 Melissa & Joey 3x12 - Bad Influence
 Covert Affairs 4x06 - Space (I Believe In)
 Melissa & Joey 3x13 - Teach You Children
 The Listener 4x12 - False I.D.
 The Glades 4x13 - Tin Cup
 Melissa & Joey 3x14 - What Happens in Jersey ... (Part 1)
 The Listener 4x13 - Fatal Vision
 Sabrina, la bruja Adolescente 2x09 - Witch Trash
 Sabrina, la bruja Adolescente 1x21 - Westbride se anima
 Haven 4x02 - Survivors
 CSI 14x01 - The Devil and D.B. Russell
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x03 - Art
 Family Guy 12x02 - Vestigial Peter
 American Dad 9x02 - Poltergasm
 CSI 14x02 - Take the Money and Run
 Parks and Recreation 6x04 - Doppelgangers
 Masters of Sex 1x03 - Standard Deviation
 2 Broke Girls 3x04 - And the Group Head
 Bones 9x06 - The Woman In White
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x06 - Teammates
 CSI 14x05 - Frame by Frame
 CSI 14x04 - Last Supper
 Family Guy 12x03 - Quagmire's Quagmire
 American Dad 9x03 - Buck, Wild
 New Girl 3x07 - Coach
 CSI 14x06 - Passed Pawns
 Arrow 2x05 - League Of Assassins
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x08 - Bed Bugs
 The Neighbors 2x07 - We jumped the Shark (Tank)
 New Girl 3x08 - Menus
 CSI 14x07 - Under a Cloud
 Family Guy 12x05 - Boopa-dee Bappa-dee
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x09 - Homecoming
 CSI 14x08 - Helpless
 New Girl 3x09 - Longest Night Ever
 Arrow 2x07 - State v. Queen
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x10 - Thanksgiving
 The Simpsons 25x06 - The Kid Is All Right
 The Neighbors 2x09 - Thanksgiving is no Schmuck
 American Dad 9x05 - Kung Pao Turkey
 CSI 14x09 - Check In and Check Out
 The Simpsons 25x07 - Yellow Subterfuge
 South Park 17x10 - The Hobbit
 CSI 14x11 - The Lost Reindeer
 Sabrina, la bruja Adolescente 7x02 - The big head
 The Simpsons 25x08 - White Christmas Blues
 The Neighbors 2x11 - A Christmas Story
 The Simpsons 25x09 - Steal This Episode
 The Neighbors 2x12 - Fear and Loving in New Jersey
 CSI 14x12 - Keep Calm and Carry
 The Neighbors 2x14 - Man, Actually
 CSI 14x13 - Boston Brakes
 Melissa & Joey 3x19 - The New Deal
 Uncle 1x01 - Mind the Cracks
 Uncle 1x02 - Party Monster
 CSI 14x14 - De Los Muertos
 Uncle 1x03 - I Like-Like You
 New Girl 3x16 - Sister
 Melissa & Joey 3x21 - Plus One
 Uncle 1x05 - Last Of The Red Hot Uncles
 Unforgettable 2x09 - East of Islip
 Uncle 1x06 - Nephew
 CSI 14x15 - Love For Sale
 Unforgettable 2x10 - Till Death
 Unforgettable 2x11 - Omega Hour
 New Girl 3x17 - Sister II
 Melissa & Joey 3x22 - House Broken
 The Neighbors 2x16 - Oscar Party
 Rizzoli & Isles 4x14 - Just Push Play
 Melissa & Joey 3x23 - Couples Therapy
 Unforgettable 2x12 - Flesh and Blood
 The Neighbors 2x17 - Balle balle!
 Melissa & Joey 3x24 - To Tell the Truth
 CSI 14x18 - Uninvited
 Melissa & Joey 3x25 - My roof, my rules
 The Neighbors 2x18 - A Night in (Lou Ferrigno's Hibachi) Heaven
 CSI 14x17 - Long Ride Home
 Melissa & Joey 3x26 - The Chaperones
 Threesome 1x02 - Episode 2
 The Neighbors 2x20 - Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
 Melissa & Joey 3x27 - I'll Cut You
 CSI 14x19 - The Fallen
 The Neighbors 2x21 - All That Jazzy Jeff
 Melissa & Joey 3x28 - Catch and Release
 Melissa & Joey 3x29 - Born to Run
 CSI 14x20 - Consumed
 CSI 14x21 - Kitty
 CSI 14x22 - Dead In His Tracks
 Family Guy 12x20 - He’s Bla-ack!
 American Dad 9x11 - Cock of the Sleepwalk
 The Big Bang Theory 7x24 - The Status Quo Combustion
 Melissa & Joey 3x35 - You're the One That I Want
 Melissa & Joey 3x36 - Maybe I'm Amazed
 Unforgettable 3x01 - New Hundred
 Unforgettable 3x02 - The Combination
 Covert Affairs 5x03 - Unseen Power of the Picket Fence
 Bob's Burgers 4x20 - Gene It On
 Unforgettable 3x06 - Stray Bullet
 Covert Affairs 5x08 - Grounded
 Unforgettable 3x08 - The Island
 Unforgettable 3x09 - Admissions
 CSI 15x01 - The CSI Effect
 Unforgettable 3x13 - DOA
 Bob's Burgers 5x17 - The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee
 CSI 15x02 - Buzz Kill
 CSI 15x03 - Bad Blod
 Covert Affairs 5x11 - Trigger Cut
 CSI 15x05 - Girls Gone Wilder
 CSI 15x06 - The Twin Paradox
 Covert Affairs 5x13 - She Believes
 CSI: Cyber 1x07 - URL, Interrupted
 CSI 15x07 - Road to Recovery
 CSI 15x08 - Rubbery Homicide
 Covert Affairs 5x14 - Transport is Arranged
 CSI 15x09 - Let´s Make a Deal
 Covert Affairs 5x15 - Frontforwards
 CSI 15x12 - Dead Woods
 CSI 15x10 - Dead Rails
 Covert Affairs 5x16 - Gold Soundz
 CSI 15x11 - Angle of Attack
 CSI 15x18 - The End Game
 Bob's Burgers 4x21 - Wharf Horse
 CSI 15x13 - The Greater Good
 Bob's Burgers 4x22 - World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves Destroys the Town -- Part II)
 Melissa & Joey 4x03 - The Honeymooners
 Bob's Burgers 5x03 - Friends with Burger-fits
 Bob's Burgers 5x08 - Midday Run
 Bob's Burgers 5x09 - Speakeasy Rider
 CSI 15x14 - Merchant of Menace
 CSI 15x15 - Hero to Zero
 Melissa & Joey 4x05 - Let's Get It Started
 CSI 15x16 - The Last RIde
 Melissa & Joey 4x07 - Thanks But No Thanks
 CSI 15x17 - Under My Skin
 CSI: Cyber 1x10 - Click Your Poison
 Melissa & Joey 4x08 - Face the Music
 Melissa & Joey 4x11 - Gone Girl
 Bob's Burgers 5x12 - The Millie-churian Candidate
 Melissa & Joey 4x09 - Being There
 Bob's Burgers 5x13 - The Gayle Tales
 CSI: Cyber 1x01 - Kidnapping 2.0
 Rizzoli & Isles 5x15 - Gumshoe
 CSI: Cyber 1x02 - CMND: Crash
 Bob's Burgers 5x14 - L'il Hard Dad
 CSI: Cyber 1x03 - Killer En Route
 Rizzoli & Isles 5x17 - Bite out of Crime
 Melissa & Joey 4x12 - You Say You Want an Ovulation
 Rizzoli & Isles 5x18 - Family Matters
 Bob's Burgers 5x15 - Adventures In Chinchilla-sitting
 CSI: Cyber 1x04 - Fire Code
 Bob's Burgers 5x16 - The Runaway Club
 CSI: Cyber 1x05 - Crowd Sourced
 CSI: Cyber 1x06 - The Evil Twin
 CSI: Cyber 1x08 - Selfie 2.0
 CSI: Cyber 1x09 - L0m1S
 Younger (US) 1x05 - Girl Code
 CSI: Cyber 1x11 - Ghost In The Machine
 CSI: Cyber 1x12 - Bit By Bit
 CSI: Cyber 1x13 - Family Secrets
 Younger (US) 1x06 - Shedonism
 Younger (US) 1x11 - Hot Mitzvah
 Melissa & Joey 4x13 - Call of Duty
 Younger (US) 1x12 - The Old Ma'am and the C
 Melissa & Joey 4x14 - You Little Devil
 Melissa & Joey 4x15 - The Book Club
 Melissa & Joey 4x16 - The Early Shift