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 Sons of Anarchy 3x01 - So
 The Office 7x13 - Ultimatum
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 The Office 6x16 - The Delivery
 Fringe 1x15 - Inner Child
 Heroes 3x24 - I am Sylar
 Heroes 3x25 - An Invisible Thread
 Fringe 1x18 - Midnight
 Fringe 1x19 - The Road Not Taken
 True Blood 2x01 - Nothing But the Blood
 True Blood 2x07 - Release Me
 True Blood 2x06 - Hard Hearted Hannah
 True Blood 2x08 - Timebomb
 The Big Bang Theory 3x02 - The Jiminy Conjecture
 Heroes 4x03 - Ink
 Lie to Me 2x01 - The Core of It
 The Big Bang Theory 3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation
 Heroes 4x04 - Acceptance
 Lie to Me 2x02 - Truth or Consequences
 Gossip Girl 3x04 - Dan de Fleurette
 Fringe 2x04 - Momentum Deferred
 Flash Forward 1x03 - 137 Sekunden
 Bones 5x04 - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
 How I Met Your Mother 5x04 - The Sexless Innkeeper
 Lie to Me 2x03 - Control Factor
 Flash Forward 1x04 - Black Swan
 Bones 5x05 - A Night at the Museum
 Gossip Girl 3x07 - How to Succeed in Bassness
 Lie to Me 2x04 - Honey
 How I Met Your Mother 5x05 - Duel Citizenship
 Gossip Girl 3x06 - Enough About Eve
 Lie to Me 2x05 - Grievous Bodily Harm
 Flash Forward 1x06 - Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
 The Big Bang Theory 3x06 - The Cornhusker Vortex
 Gossip Girl 3x08 - The Grandfather: Part II
 Fringe 2x06 - Earthling
 Bones 5x06 - Tough Man in the Tender Chicken
 Heroes 4x12 - The Fifth Stage
 Fringe 2x08 - August
 Fringe 2x12 - Johari Window
 The Big Bang Theory 3x13 - The Bozeman Reaction
 How I Met Your Mother 5x13 - Jenkins
 The Office 6x13 - The Banker
 The Office 6x14 - Sabre
 The Office 6x15 - Manager and Salesman
 Gossip Girl 3x13 - The Hurt Locket
 How I Met Your Mother 5x17 - Of Course
 Ugly Betty 4x15 - Fire and Nice
 The Office 6x18 - St. Patrick's Day
 Ugly Betty 4x16 - All the World's a Stage
 The Office 6x19 - New Leads
 Gossip Girl 3x15 - The sixteen year old virgin
 Ugly Betty 4x19 - The Past Presents the Future
 Ugly Betty 4x18 - London Calling
 Gossip Girl 3x17 - Inglourious Bassterds
 Fringe 2x17 - Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.
 V (2009) 1x09 - Heretic's Fork
 Fringe 2x22 - Over There (Part 1)
 Sanctuary 3x06 - Animus
 Californication 4x07 - The Recused
 Sanctuary 3x12 - Hangover
 Sanctuary 3x15 - WingMan
 Defiance 1x03 - The Devil in the Dark
 Defiance 1x04 - A Well Respected Man
 True Blood 2x05 - Never Let Me Go
 Bones 5x13 - The Dentist in the Ditch
 Fringe 2x15 - Jacksonville