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 Big Love 3x06 - Come Ye Saints
 House MD 5x21 - Saviors
 Big Love 3x05 - For Better or for Worse
 Big Love 3x07 - Fight or Flight
 Big Love 3x09 - Outer Darkness
 Lie To Me 1x10 - Better Half
 southland 1x04 - Sally in the Ally
 The Simpsons - 20x19 - Waverly Hills 9021doh
 Southland 1x05 - Two Gangs
 Lie to Me 1x13 - Sacrifice
 The New Adventures of Old Christine 4x21 - The Old Maid of Honor
 Southland 1x07 - Derailed
 rescue me 5x04 - Jimmy
 rescue me 5x05 - Sheila
 The Jeff Dunham Show 1x01 - Pilot
 Two And a Half Men 7x16 - Tinkle Like a Princess
 Men of a Certain Age 2x02 - Same as the Old Boss
 Burn Notice 4x17 - Out of the Fire
 Burn Notice 4x18 - Last Stand
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6x13 - A very sunny christmas 1
 Durham County 3x01 - Homelands
 Durham County 3x02 - Family Day
 Durham County 3x03 - Episode 3
 Durham County 3x04 - Survivors
 Durham County 3x05 - Episode 5
 Mad Dogs 1x04 - Episode Four
 Durham County 3x06 - Sanctuary