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 White Collar 4x08 - Ancient History
 White Collar 4x07 - Compromising Positions
 White Collar 4x09 - Gloves Off
 Covert Affairs 3x09 - Suffragette City
 The Listener 3x12 - The Bro Code
 The Listener 3x13 - The Shooting
 White Collar 4x10 - Vested_Interest
 Hell On Wheels 2x07 - The White Spirit
 Once Upon a Time 2x00 - Magic Is Coming
 Covert Affairs 3x11 - Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
 Nikita 3x01 - 3.0
 Covert Affairs 3x14 - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
 Covert Affairs 3x12 - Wishful Beginnings
 Nikita 3x09 - Survival instincts
 Nikita 3x10 - Brave New World
 Nikita 3x19 - Self-Destruct
 Nikita 3x21 - Invisible Hand
 Nikita 3x20 - High-Value Target
 Nikita 3x22 - Til Death Do Us Part
 Nikita 4x04 - Pay-Off
 White Collar 5x09 - No Good Deed
 Covert Affairs 5x06 - Embassy Row
 Covert Affairs 5x08 - Grounded
 Elementary 3x12 - The One That Got Away
 The Big Bang Theory 8x22 - The Graduation Transmission
 Elementary 3x21 - Under My Skin
 The Big Bang Theory 6x01 - The Date Night Variable
 Dexter 7x02 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl