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 Almost Human 1x04 - The Bends
 Defiance 2x03 - The Cord and the Ax
 Manhattan (2014) 1x02 - The Prisoner's Dilemma
 Revolution 2x09 - Everyone Says I Love You
 Star Crossed 1x04 - And Left No Friendly Drop
 Star Crossed 1x12 - This Trick May Chance to Scathe
 The Following 2x07 - Sacrifice
 The Originals 2x04 - Live and Let Die
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x17 - Endgame
 White Collar 6x02 - Return to Sender
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 Leverage 5x07 - The Real Fake Car Job
 Supernatural 8x21 - The Great Escapist
 The Big Bang Theory 6x23 - The Love Spell Potential
 Homeland 3x11 - Big Man In Tehran
 Continuum 3x01 - Minute By Minute
 Supernatural 9x16 - Blade Runners
 Hannibal 2x05 - Mukozuke
 Continuum 3x06 - Wasted Minute
 Continuum 3x12 - The Dying Minutes
 The Originals 2x04 - Live and Let Die