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 Absolutely Fabulous 5x01 - Cleanin
 Absolutely Fabulous 5x02 - Book Clubbin'
 Durham County 1x01 - What Lies Beneath
 Durham County 1x02 - The Lady of the Lake
 Durham County 1x03 - Divide and Conquer
 Durham County 1x04 - Guys and Dolls
 Durham County 1x05 - The Dark Man
 Durham County 1x06 - Life in the Dollhouse
 Durham County 3x02 - Family Day
 Durham County 3x03 - Episode 3
 Durham County 3x04 - Survivors
 Him & Her 1x04 - The Football
 Miranda 2x01 - The New Me
 Rake 1x03 - R vs Dana
 Rake 1x04 - R vs Lorton
 School Pride 1x04 - Don't Shut Us Down!
 School Pride 1x05 - Hometown Heroes
 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 1x06 - What Can Only Be Considered A Dreadful Day For Todd
 The league 1x02 - The Bounce Test
 The league 1x03 - Sunday at Ruxin's
 The league 1x04 - Mr. McGibblets
 The league 1x05 - The Usual Bet
 The league 1x06 - The Shiva Bowl
 The League 2x08 - The Tie
 The league 2x09 - Expert Witness
 The league 2x10 - High School Reunion
 Ugly Americans 1x14 - The Man-Birds
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