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 12 Monkeys 1x02 - Mentally Divergent
 2 Broke Girls 4x05 - And the Brand Job
 A to Z 1x12 - L Is for Likeability
 About a boy 1x11 - About a Birthday
 About a boy 2x10 - About a Boy Becoming a Man
 About a boy 2x13 - About a Cat Party
 Allegiance 1x11 - Blowback
 Anger Management 2x60 - Charlie Cops a Feel
 Anger Management 2x89 - Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote
 Baby Daddy 3x19 - Foos It or Lose It
 Baby Daddy 3x20 - All Aboard the Love Train
 Baby Daddy 4x02 - It's A Wonderful Emma
 Back in the Game 1x11 - Color Barrier
 Backstrom 1x04 - I Am a Bird Now
 Backstrom 1x05 - Bogeyman
 Backstrom 1x11 - I Like to Watch
 Bad Judge 1x06 - What Is Best in Life?
 Bad Judge 1x10 - The Fixer
 Bad Judge 1x11 - Naked and Afraid
 Bad Judge 1x12 - Lockdown
 Bad Judge 1x13 - Case Closed
 Bad Teacher 1x02 - Daddy Issues
 Bad Teacher 1x04 - Fieldtrippers
 Bad Teacher 1x05 - The 6th Grade Lock-In
 Banana 1x02 - Episode 2
 Banana 1x04 - Episode 4
 Banana 1x05 - Episode 5
 Banshee 3x05 - Tribal
 Battle Creek 1x09 - Gingerbread Man
 Benched 1x04 - Sell It
 Benched 1x05 - Shark, Actually
 Benched 1x06 - Rights & Wrongs
 Benched 1x07 - Curry Favor
 Benched 1x08 - Diamond Is a Girl's Worst Friend
 Benched 1x09 - A New Development
 Benched 1x10 - Solitary Refinement
 Benched 1x11 - Campaign Contributions
 Benched 1x12 - Brief Encounters
 Black Box 1x02 - Sweet Little Lies
 Black Box 1x05 - Jerusalem
 Black Box 1x07 - Kodachrome
 Black Ish 1x02 - The Talk
 Black Ish 1x04 - Crazy Mom
 Black Ish 1x07 - The Gift of Hunger
 Black Ish 1x08 - Oedipal Triangle
 Black Ish 1x11 - Law of Attraction
 Black Ish 1x14 - Andre from Marseille
 Black Ish 1x16 - Parental Guidance
 Black Ish 1x18 - Sex, Lies and Vasectomies
 Black Ish 1x20 - Switch Hitting
 Black Ish 1x21 - The Peer-ent Trap
 Black Ish 1x22 - Please Don't Ask, Please Don't Tell
 Black Ish 1x23 - LOL
 Black Ish 1x24 - Pops, Pops, Pops
 Blue Bloods 5x11 - Baggage
 Blue Bloods 5x14 - The Poor Door
 Blue Bloods 5x17 - Occupational Hazards
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 2x21 - Det. Dave Majors
 Castle 7x22 - Dead From New York
 Chasing Life 1x15 - April Just Wants to Have Fun
 Chicago Fire 2x21 - One More Shot
 Chicago Fire 3x12 - Ambush Predator
 Chicago Fire 3x14 - Call It Paradise
 Chicago Fire 3x15 - Headlong Towards Disaster
 Chicago PD 1x13 - My Way
 Cougar Town 6x04 - Waiting For Tonight
 Cougar Town 6x05 - Even The Losers
 Criminal Minds 10x07 - Hashtag
 Criminal Minds 10x08 - The Boys of Sudworth Place
 Criminal Minds 10x09 - Fate
 Criminal Minds 10x15 - Scream
 Criminal Minds 10x22 - Protection
 Criminal Minds 9x15 - Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
 Criminal Minds 9x20 - Blood Relations
 Cristela 1x01 - Pilot
 Cristela 1x06 - Equal Pay
 Cristela 1x07 - Enter Singing
 Cristela 1x08 - Floor Favor
 Cristela 1x09 - It's Not About the Tamale
 Cristela 1x10 - Veronica
 Cristela 1x11 - Dead Arm
 Cristela 1x12 - Hypertension
 Cristela 1x13 - Mexican Mona Lisa
 Cristela 1x14 - Marriage, Counselor
 Cristela 1x15 - Gifted & Talented
 Cristela 1x16 - Confirmation
 Cristela 1x17 - Fifteen-Something
 Cristela 1x18 - Latino 101
 Cristela 1x19 - Great Expectations
 Cristela 1x20 - Last Goose Standing
 Cristela 1x21 - Village Mode
 Critical (UK) 1x05 - Episode 5
 CSI 14x15 - Love For Sale
 CSI 14x19 - The Fallen
 CSI: Cyber 1x03 - Killer En Route
 Cucumber 1x02 - Episode 2
 Cucumber 1x03 - Episode 3
 Cucumber 1x04 - Episode 4
 Cucumber 1x05 - Episode 5
 Dallas (2012) 3x05 - D.T.R.
 Dallas (2012) 3x06 - Like Father, Like Son
 Devious Maids 2x03 - Dangerous Liaisons
 Drop Dead Diva 6x04 - Life & Death
 Drop Dead Diva 6x07 - Sister Act
 Drop Dead Diva 6x08 - Identity Crisis
 Drop Dead Diva 6x12 - Hero
 Drop Dead Diva 6x13 - It Had To Be You
 Empire (2015) 1x07 - Our Dancing Days
 Endeavour 2x02 - Nocturne
 Endeavour 2x04 - Neverland
 Enlisted 1x08 - Vets
 Eye Candy 1x03 - HBTU
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x03 - The Shunning
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x04 - Success Perm
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x05 - Persistent Romeo
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x06 - Shaq Fu
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x09 - License to Sell
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x10 - Blind Spot
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x11 - Very Superstitious
 Friends With Better Lives 1x04 - Pros and Cons
 Friends With Better Lives 1x08 - Something New
 Gang Related 1x05 - Invierno Cayó
 Glee 6x08 - A Wedding
 Graceland 2x11 - USA Home
 Grimm 4x12 - Marechaussee
 Ground Floor 2x02 - Baked & Toasted
 Ground Floor 2x05 - Mano-a-Mansfield
 Ground Floor 2x09 - The Proposal (Part One)
 Ground Floor 2x10 - The Proposal: Part Two
 Growing Up Fisher 1x07 - Katie You Can Drive My Car
 Growing Up Fisher 1x09 - Desk-Job
 Growing Up Fisher 1x10 - First Time's The Charm
 Growing Up Fisher 1x11 - Secret Lives of Fishers
 Growing Up Fisher 1x12 - Madi About You
 Growing Up Fisher 1x13 - Growing Up Fairbanks
 Happyish 1x02 - Starring Marc Chagall, Abuela and Adolf Hitler
 Happyish 1x03 - Starring Vladimir Nabokov, Hippocrates and God
 Happyish 1x04 - Starring Sigmund Freud, Charles Bukowski and Seven Billion A**holes
 Happyish 1x06 - Starring Helen Keller, Moses and Lenny Bruce
 Happyish 1x07 - Starring David Ogilvy, Anton Chekhov and Gluten Enteropathy
 Happyish 1x08 - Starring Rene Descartes, Adweek and HRH The Princess of Arendelle
 Hot in Cleveland 5x00 - Murder House
 Hot in Cleveland 5x02 - Surprise
 Hot in Cleveland 5x07 - The One With George Clooney
 Hot in Cleveland 5x08 - Brokeback Elka
 Hot in Cleveland 5x11 - Undercover Lovers
 Hot in Cleveland 5x12 - I Just Met the Man I'm Going to Marry
 Hot in Cleveland 6x01 - Comfort and Joy
 Hot in Cleveland 6x05 - Tazed and Confused
 Hot in Cleveland 6x09 - Bad Boys
 Hot in Cleveland 6x11 - About a Joy
 Hot in Cleveland 6x13 - Scandalous
 Hot in Cleveland 6x17 - Duct Soup
 Hot in Cleveland 6x19 - Kitchen Nightmares
 Hot in Cleveland 6x21 - Say Yes to the Mess
 Hot in Cleveland 6x22 - Hot Damn
 Hot in Cleveland 6x23 - Vegas Baby & I Hate Goodbyes
 How to Get Away with Murder 1x12 - She's a Murderer
 iZombie (2015) 1x12 - Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat
 Jane The Virgin 1x14 - Chapter Fourteen
 Jennifer Falls 1x02 - Health Club
 Jennifer Falls 1x03 - Triangle
 Jennifer Falls 1x04 - The Virginity Thief
 Jennifer Falls 1x06 - School Trouble
 Kirstie 1x11 - Maddie's Agent
 Kirstie 1x12 - The Dinner Party
 Last Man Standing 3x12 - All about Eve
 Last Man Standing 3x14 - Renaming Boyd’s School
 Last Man Standing 3x21 - April, Come She Will
 Last Man Standing 3x22 - Mutton Busting
 Last Man Standing 4x01 - Here's the Kicker
 Last Man Standing 4x07 - Big Shots
 Last Man Standing 4x10 - Outdoor Man Grill
 Last Man Standing 4x12 - Helen Potts
 Last Man Standing 4x13 - Mike Hires Chuck
 Last Man Standing 4x14 - Eve's Breakup
 Last Man Standing 4x15 - Big Brother
 Last Man Standing 4x20 - Restaurant Opening
 Last Man Standing 4x21 - Vanessa Fixes Up Eve
 Law and Order: SVU 15x19 - Downloaded Child
 Law and Order: SVU 15x20 - Beast's Obsession
 Law and Order: SVU 15x21 - Post Mortem Blues
 Law and Order: SVU 15x23 - Thought Criminal
 Law and Order: SVU 15x24 - Spring Awakening
 Law and Order: SVU 16x03 - Producer's Backend
 Law and Order: SVU 16x08 - Spousal Privilege
 Married 1x06 - Invisible Man
 Marry me 1x11 - Friend Me
 Marry me 1x12 - F me
 Marry me 1x13 - Change Me
 Marry me 1x14 - Dead Me
 Matador (US) 1x06 - Misanthropology
 Melissa & Joey 3x27 - I'll Cut You
 Melissa & Joey 3x35 - You're the One That I Want
 Melissa & Joey 4x07 - Thanks But No Thanks
 Melissa & Joey 4x08 - Face the Music
 Men at Work 3x05 - Gigo-Milo
 Mike & Molly 5x10 - Checkpoint Joyce
 Mind Games 1x04 - Apophenia
 Mistresses (US) 2x02 - Boundaries
 Mistresses (US) 2x03 - Open House
 Mixology 1x06 - Tom & Maya Part II
 Mixology 1x09 - Dominic & Kacey
 Mixology 1x10 - Liv & Jim
 Mixology 1x11 - Bruce & Maya
 Modern Family 5x19 - A Hard Jay's Night
 Modern Family 6x09 - Strangers in the Night
 Modern Family 6x14 - Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister
 Modern Family 6x15 - Fight Or Flight
 Mom 2x02 - Figgy Pudding and the Rapture
 Motive (2013) 2x02 - They Made Me a Criminal
 Motive (2013) 2x04 - Deception
 Motive (2013) 2x09 - Abandoned
 Motive (2013) 2x10 - Nobody Lives Forever
 Motive (2013) 2x11 - A Bullet for Joey
 Motive (2013) 3x03 - Oblivion
 Motive (2013) 3x04 - The Glass House
 Motive (2013) 3x05 - The Suicide Tree
 Motive (2013) 3x09 - Best Enemies
 Motive (2013) 3x13 - A Problem Like Maria
 Mozart in the Jungle 1x02 - Fifth Chair
 Mulaney 1x03 - Halloween
 Mulaney 1x04 - Sweet Jane
 Mulaney 1x05 - In the Name of the Mother, and the Son and the Holy Andre
 Mulaney 1x06 - Patriot Acts
 Mulaney 1x07 - Motif &The City
 Mulaney 1x08 - It's A Wonderful Home Alone
 Mulaney 1x09 - Worlds Collide
 Mulaney 1x10 - French Roast
 Mulaney 1x11 - Power Moves
 Mulaney 1x12 - Ruby
 Mulaney 1x13 - Life is a Series of Different Apartments
 Murder In the First 2x01 - Twenty-Fifteen
 Mystery Girls 1x10 - The Killer Returns
 NCIS 12x12 - The Enemy Within
 NCIS Los Angeles 6x09 - Traitor
 NCIS Los Angeles 6x10 - Reign Fall
 NCIS Los Angeles 6x13 - In the Line of Duty
 NCIS New Orleans 1x08 - Love Hurts
 NCIS New Orleans 1x10 - Stolen Valor
 NCIS New Orleans 1x12 - The Abyss
 NCIS New Orleans 1x16 - My Brother’s Keeper
 NCIS New Orleans 1x17 - More Now
 NCIS New Orleans 1x22 - How Much Pain Can You Take
 Olympus 1x05 - Blood Brothers
 Olympus 1x09 - Pandora's Tomb
 Orphan Black 2x06 - To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings
 Parks and Recreation 6x18 - Prom
 Parks and Recreation 7x10 - The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show
 Partners (2014) 1x03 - Another Man's Wingtips
 Partners (2014) 1x04 - Who's Your Mama
 Partners (2014) 1x05 - Jurist Prudence
 Partners (2014) 1x06 - Paralegal Activity
 Partners (2014) 1x07 - The Curious Case of Benjamin Butt-Ugly
 Partners (2014) 1x09 - Doug Day Afternoon
 Partners (2014) 1x10 - How to Get a Head in Advertising
 Playing House 1x03 - Unfinished Business
 Playing House 1x04 - Totes Kewl
 Playing House 1x05 - Drumline
 Playing House 1x06 - Bosephus and the Catfish
 Playing House 1x08 - 37 Weeks
 Playing House 1x09 - Let's Have a Baby
 Power (2014) 1x05 - I Gotta Go
 Powers ( 2015 ) 1x06 - The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit
 Raising Hope 4x12 - Hot Dish
 Raising Hope 4x21 - How I Met Your Mullet
 Rake 1x12 - A Man's Best Friend
 Rake US 1x05 - Bigamist
 Rake US 1x08 - Staple Holes
 Rake US 1x09 - Hey, Good Looking
 Rake US 1x10 - 50 Shades of Gay
 Rake US 1x11 - Remembrance of Taxis Past
 Ray Donovan 2x02 - Uber Ray
 Reckless 1x09 - Damage Control
 Reckless 1x10 - Fifty-One Percent
 Red Band Society 1x04 - There's No Place Like Homecoming
 Red Band Society 1x09 - How Did We Get Here?
 Remedy 1x03 - Testing, Testing
 Remedy 1x04 - Shift - Change
 Remedy 1x05 - The Beast Within
 Remedy 1x06 - Scary Bears
 Remedy 1x07 - Tomorrow the Green Grass
 Remedy 1x08 - Shadow of Doubt
 Remedy 1x09 - The Little Things
 Remedy 1x10 - Quit the Horizon
 Remedy 2x03 - Playing Doctor Conner
 Remedy 2x04 - Blood & Guts
 Remedy 2x05 - Life in Technicolour
 Remedy 2x09 - Fight or Flight
 Remedy 2x10 - Day One
 Revenge 4x22 - Plea
 Revolution 2x18 - Austin City Limits
 Rookie Blue 5x04 - Wanting
 Rookie Blue 6x03 - Uprising
 Scandal 4x10 - Run
 Sean Saves The World 1x11 - Trapped in the closet (Part 2)
 Sean Saves The World 1x12 - The Wrath of Sean
 Sean Saves The World 1x13 - I Know Why the Caged Bird Zings
 Secrets & Lies 1x05 - The Jacket
 Sirens (2014) 1x07 - Till Jeff Do Us Part
 Sirens (2014) 1x08 - Itsy Bitsy Spider
 Sirens (2014) 2x01 - Superdick
 Sirens (2014) 2x02 - Johnny Nightingale
 Sirens (2014) 2x03 - Briandipity
 Sirens (2014) 2x05 - All the Single Ladies
 Sirens (2014) 2x06 - Screw the One Percent
 Sirens (2014) 2x08 - Hypocritical Oath
 Sirens (2014) 2x09 - Charbroiled
 Sirens (2014) 2x10 - Balls
 Sirens (2014) 2x12 - No Love
 Sirens (2014) 2x13 - Sub-Primal Fears
 State of Affairs 1x09 - Cry Havoc
 Sullivan and Son 2x08 - Personal Injury
 Sullivan and Son 2x10 - Reunited
 Sullivan and Son 3x03 - About a Boy, His Mother, and the Man They're Dating
 Sullivan and Son 3x07 - Open Mic Night
 Sullivan and Son 3x10 - Monkey Plate
 Surviving Jack 1x06 - She Drives Me Crazy
 Taxi Brooklyn 1x10 - The Longest Night
 The 100 1x03 - Earth Kills
 The 100 1x07 - Contents Under Pressure
 The 100 1x10 - I Am Become Death
 The 100 1x13 - We Are Grounders (Part 2)
 The Americans 2x06 - Behind The Red Door
 The Americans 3x02 - Baggage
 The Comedians 1x02 - Come to the House
 The Comedians 1x06 - Orange You the New Black Guy
 The Crazy Ones 1x19 - Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley
 The Exes 3x12 - How the Grinch Spent Xmas
 The Exes 3x15 - Starting Over
 The Exes 3x17 - Nun Like It Hot
 The Exes 3x19 - My Fair Stuart
 The Exes 3x20 - The Old Man and the Holly
 The Exes 4x03 - Love and Death
 The Exes 4x05 - Oh Brother Here Art Thou
 The Exes 4x07 - Catch It Cause You Can
 The Exes 4x08 - Requiem for a Dream
 The Exes 4x11 - A Bride Too Far
 The Exes 4x12 - The Wedding
 The fosters 2x11 - Christmas Past
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x21 - The Age of Darkness
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x22 - A Wrestler Named Goldberg
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x06 - Big Baby Ball
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x07 - A Goldberg Thanksgiving
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x08 - I Rode a Hoverboard
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x09 - The Most Handsome Boy In The Planet
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x10 - Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jon and Jordan
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x11 - The Darryl Dawnkins Dance
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x13 - Van People
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x14 - Barry Goldberg's
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x19 - La Biblioteca Es Libros
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x20 - Just Say No
 The Goldbergs (2013) 2x23 - Bill & Murray
 The McCarthys 1x02 - Love, McCarthys Style
 The McCarthys 1x06 - Why Guys Shouldn't Date Their Sister's Ex
 The McCarthys 1x08 - Red Sox Swap
 The McCarthys 1x10 - Hall of Fame
 The McCarthys 1x11 - The Ref
 The Middle 6x06 - The Sinkhole
 The Middle 6x24 - The Graduate
 The Millers 1x18 - Walk-N-Wave
 The Millers 2x04 - You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings, Man
 The Mindy Project 3x10 - What About Peter
 The Mindy Project 3x16 - Lahiri Family Values
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x14 - The Mystery of the Popped Pugilist
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x15 - The Mystery of the Alluring Au Pair
 The Neighbors 2x18 - A Night in (Lou Ferrigno's Hibachi) Heaven
 The Neighbors 2x20 - Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
 The Neighbors 2x21 - All That Jazzy Jeff
 The Night Shift 1x04 - Grace Under Fire
 The Night Shift 2x07 - Best Laid Plans
 The Night Shift 2x08 - Best Laid Plans
 The Night Shift 2x12 - Moving On
 The Odd Couple (2015) 1x07 - Secret Agent Man
 The Odd Couple (2015) 1x09 - Sleeping Dogs Lie
 The Odd Couple (2015) 1x10 - Enlightening Strikes
 The Odd Couple (2015) 1x12 - The Audit Couple
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x21 - Kill Switch
 Those Who kill 1x10 - Surrender
 Trophy Wife 1x20 - There’s No Guy in Team
 Trophy Wife 1x21 - Back to School
 Undateable 1x03 - Three's a Crowd
 Undateable 1x05 - My Hero is Me
 Undateable 1x06 - Leader of the Pack
 Undateable 1x07 - The Move
 Undateable 1x13 - Go For Gary
 Undateable 2x06 - A Sibling Rivalry Walks Into a Bar
 UnReal 1x02 - Relapse
 Veep 4x10 - Election Night
 Vicious 2x02 - Gym
 Warehouse 13 5x02 - Secret Services
 Warehouse 13 5x03 - A Faire to Remember
 Weird Loners 1x03 - Weirded Out
 Weird Loners 1x04 - Weird Knight
 Weird Loners 1x05 - The Weirdfather
 Weird Loners 1x06 - We're Here. We're Weird. Get Used to Us.
 Welcome To Sweden 1x06 - Parents - Foraldrar
 Welcome To Sweden 1x07 - Homesick Lagom
 White Collar 6x06 - Au Revoir
 Working The Engels 1x01 - Pilot
 Working The Engels 1x02 - Maid Amends
 Younger (US) 1x03 - IRL
 Younger (US) 1x04 - The Exes
 Your Family Or Mine 1x05 - Christmas in July
 Your Family Or Mine 1x07 - Stages
 Your Family Or Mine 1x09 - Presents
 Your Family Or Mine 1x10 - The Vows
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 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x04 - Why're You Hitting Yourself
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x05 - All Tomorrow's Parties
 Trophy Wife 1x06 - Halloween
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x06 - Who Are You Going to Telephone?
 The Mindy Project 2x07 - Sk8er Man
 The Neighbors 2x07 - We jumped the Shark (Tank)
 Trophy Wife 1x08 - Lice and Beary White
 Ground Floor 1x01 - Pilot
 The Crazy Ones 1x08 - The Stan Wood Account
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x09 - Homecoming
 Ground Floor 1x02 - Off To The Races
 Ground Floor 1x03 - The New Office
 Back in the Game 1x07 - Safety Squeeze
 CSI 14x08 - Helpless
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x10 - Thanksgiving
 Back in the Game 1x09 - Massive Election
 Raising Hope 4x06 -
 Ground Floor 1x04 - The Gift
 Trophy Wife 1x09 - Russ Bradley Morrison
 Raising Hope 4x07 - Murder, She Hoped
 Misfits 5x07 - Episode 7
 The Neighbors 2x10 - Supreme Like Me
 Trophy Wife 1x10 - Twas the Night Before Christmas... or Twas It?
 Mike & Molly 4x06 - Shoeless Molly Flynn
 Super Fun Night 1x09 - Merry Super Fun Christmas
 The Exes 3x11 - True Lies
 Ground Floor 1x05 - Take Me Out to the Ballgame
 The Exes 3x12 - How the Grinch Spent Xmas
 Raising Hope 4x10 - Bee Story
 Ground Floor 1x06 - If I were a rich man
 Mike & Molly 4x07 - They Shoot Asses, Don't They?
 Sean Saves The World 1x09 - Best Friends for Never
 Ground Floor 1x07 - Woman on top
 The Exes 3x14 - Bachelor Party
 Ground Floor 1x09 - The Decision-Part One
 Ground Floor 1x10 - The Decision-Part Two
 Hot in Cleveland 5x00 - Murder House