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 The Middle 4x03 - The Second Act
 Ben and Kate 1x02 - Bad Cop Bad Cop
 Animal Practice 1x06 - The Two George Colemans
 Guys With Kids 1x07 - The Bathroom Incident
 The Mindy Project 1x05 - Danny Castellano is My Gynecologist
 Up All Night 2x09 - I can't quit you
 Guys With Kids 1x12 - Marny's Dad
 Enlightened 2x01 - The Key
 Parks and Recreation 5x11 - Women In Garbage
 Enlightened 2x03 - Higher Power
 Ben and Kate 1x13 - Bake Off
 Enlightened 2x04 - Follow Me
 Guys With Kids 1x17 - Divorce Party
 Save Me 1x02 - Take It Back
 Devious Maids 1x09 - Scrambling the Eggs
 Camp 1x07 - The Wedding
 Super Fun Night 1x12 - Hostile Makeover
 Trophy Wife 1x12 - The Punisher
 Black Ish 1x14 - Andre from Marseille