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 90210 2x10 - To Thine Own Self Be True
 90210 2x11 - And Away They Go!
 Brothers and Sisters 4x06 - Zen & the Art of Making Mole
 Brothers and Sisters 4x09 - Pregnant Pause
 Dexter 4x07 - Slack Tide
 Emma 1x02 - Episode 2
 Gossip Girl 3x05 - Rufus Getting Married
 Greek 3x08 - Fight The Power
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x10 - Cahuenga
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x11 - June
 One Tree Hill 7x05 - Your Cheatin Heart
 One Tree Hill 7x11 - You Know I Love You, Don't You
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 Greek 3x07 - The Dork Night
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x03 - Grand
 Ghost Whisperer 4x20 - Stage Fright
 Private Practice 2x21 - What You Do for Love
 Dollhouse 1x10 - Haunted
 Greek 3x04 - High and Dry
 Greek 3x01 - The Day After
 The Secret Life Of The American Teenager 2x09 - Hot Nuts
 The Secret Life Of The American Teenager 2x10 - Knocked Up Whos There
 Greek 3x02 - Our Fathers
 90210 2x01 - To New Beginnings
 Greek 3x03 - The Half Naked Gun
 Bored to Death 1x01 - Stockholm Syndrome
 The Beautiful Life 1x02 - The Beautiful Aftermath
 Greek 3x05 - Down on Your Luck
 Being Erica 2x01 - Being Dr Tom
 The Vampire Diaries 1x04 - Family Ties
 Three Rivers 1x01 - Place of Life
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x05 - Canon
 Brothers and Sisters 4x02 - Breaking the News
 Greek 3x06 - Lost and Founders
 The Vampire Diaries 1x05 - You're undead to me
 Being Erica 2x02 - Battle Royale
 Desperate Housewives 6x03 - Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
 One Tree Hill 7x05 - Your Cheatin Heart
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x06 - Shoreline
 Glee 1x07 - Throwdown
 Desperate Housewives 6x04 - The God Why Dont You Love Me Blues
 One Tree Hill 7x06 - Deep Ocean Vast Sea
 Brothers and Sisters 4x04 - From France with love
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x07 - Windsor
 Greek 3x08 - Fight The Power
 Law and Order: SVU - 11x03 - Solitary
 Secret Girlfriend 1x02 - Episode 2
 Law and Order: SVU - 11x02 - Sugar
 Law and Order: SVU - 11x04 - Hammered
 Private Practice 3x04 - Pushing the Limits
 Brothers and Sisters 4x05 - Last Tango in Pasadena
 Law and Order: SVU 11x05 - Hardwired
 Greek 3x10 - Friend or Foe
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 5x03 - The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention