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 Being Erica 2x06 - Shhh. Dont Tell
 Being Erica 2x10 - Papa can you hear me?
 Being Erica 3x03 - Two Wrongs
 Dollhouse 2x08 - A Love Supreme
 In Treatment 3x09 - Sunil Week Three
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 Being Erica 2x01 - Being Dr Tom
 True Blood 2x10 - New World In My View
 Parenthood 2x10 - Happy Thanksgiving
 The Big Bang Theory 3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation
 Accidentally on Purpose 1x03 - One Night Stand
 Accidentally on Purpose 1x02 - Memento
 Accidentally on Purpose 1x01 - Pilot
 Heroes 4x01 - Orientation
 Heroes 3x25 - An Invisible Thread
 The Mentalist 1x20 - Red Sauce
 Grey's Anatomy 5x21 - No Good at Saying Sorry
 DollHouse 1x11 - Briar Rose
 Ghost Whisperer 4x21 - Cursed
 The Big Bang Theory 2x22 - The Classified Materials Turbulence
 The Mentalist 1x21 - Miss Red
 Grey's Anatomy 5x22 - What a Difference a Day Makes
 Dollhouse 1x12 - Omega
 The Mentalist 1x22 - Blood Brothers
 The Big Bang Theory 2x23 - The Monopolar Expedition
 Lost 5x16 - The Incident
 Grey's Anatomy 5x23 - Heres to Future Days
 Ghost Whisperer 4x23 - Book of Changes
 Desperate Housewives 5x23 - Everybody Says Dont
 Desperate Housewives 5x24 - If Its Only in Your Head
 CSI Miami 7x25 - Seeing Red
 Family Guy 7x16 - Peters Progress
 The Mentalist 1x23 - Red Johns Footsteps
 Medium 5x17 - The First Bite is the Deepest
 Without a Trace 7x23 - True
 Roomates 1x13 - The Old and the New
 Being Erica 1x11 - Shes Lost Control
 Being Erica 1x04 - The Secret Of Now
 Being Erica 1x03 - Plenty Of Fish
 Being Erica 1x09 - Everything She Wants
 Being Erica 1x10 - Mi Casa Su Casa Loma
 Parenthood 2x05 - The Booth Job
 Being Erica 1x13 - Being Erica - 1x13 - Leo
 True Blood 2x01 - Nothing But the Blood
 Being Erica 1x12 - Erica the Vampire Slayer
 Samantha Who 2x14 - The Rock Star
 The Last Enemy 1x02 - Episode 2
 True Blood 2x05 - Never Let Me Go
 The Closer (2005-2009) 5x12 - Waivers of Extradition
 True Blood 2x09 - I Will Rise Up
 Monk 8x03 - Mr Monk and the UFO
 The Last Enemy 1x03 - Episode 3
 The Last Enemy 1x04 - Episode 4
 Monk 8x04 - Mr Monk is Someone Else
 The Last Enemy 1x05 - Episode 5
 Mad Men 3x03 - My Old Kentucky Home
 Rescue Me 5x21 - Jump
 In Treatment 3x08 - Adele Week Two
 True Blood 2x12 - Beyond Here Lies Nothing
 Cold Case 1x01 - Look Again
 Monk 8x06 - Mr Monk and the Critic
 Fringe 2x01 - A New Day in the Old Town
 Forbrydelsen 1x02 - Día 2º
 Fringe 2x03 - Fracture
 The Mentalist 2x02 - The Scarlet Letter
 Dexter 4x02 - Remains To Be Seen
 The Good Wife 1x03 - You Cant Go Home Again
 Being Erica 2x02 - Battle Royale
 Lie to Me 2x04 - Honey
 Heroes 4x06 - Tabula Rasa
 The Big Bang Theory 3x05 - The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary
 Psych 4x09 - Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark
 Crash (UK) 1x06 - Season Finale
 Greys Anatomy 6x06 - I Saw What I Saw
 Monk 8x10 - Mr Monk and Sharona
 Dexter 4x05 - Dirty Harry
 Flashpoint 3x05 - Coming to you live
 Greys Anatomy 6x07 - Give Peace a Chance
 Fringe 2x06 - Earthling
 Being Erica 2x03 - Mamma Mia
 Fringe 2x07 - Of Human Action
 Being Erica 2x04 - Cultural Revolution
 Monk 8x13 - Monk is the Best Man
 Fringe 2x08 - August
 Monk 8x14 - Mr. Monk and the Badge
 Being Erica 2x05 - Yes We Can
 Monk 8x15 - Monk and the End (part 1)
 Heroes 4x12 - The Fifth Stage
 Fringe 2x09 - Snakehead
 Misfits 1x04 - Episode 4
 Dollhouse 2x05 - The Public Eye
 Monk 8x16 - Monk and The End (Part 2)
 Fringe 2x10 - Grey Matters
 The Mentalist 2x09 - The Price Above Rubies
 The Mentalist 2x10 - Throwing Fire
 Dollhouse 2x10 - The Attic
 Being Erica 2x06 - Shhh. Dont Tell
 Braquo 1x05 - Loin Derrière La Nuit
 Being Erica 2x09 - A River Runs Through It... It Being Egypt
 Parenthood 2x09 - Put yourself out there
 Forbrydelsen 1x04 - Día 4º
 Forbrydelsen 1x05 - Día 5º
 Being Erica 2x12 - The Importance of Being Erica
 Underbelly 1x06 - Luv U 4
 Cold Case 7x22 - Shattered II
 Come fly with me 1x01 - Episode 1
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x03 - Redemption
 Drop Dead Diva 2x08 - -QUEEN OF MEAN-
 Rescue Me 6x06 - Sanctuary
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x04 - Battlefield
 True Blood 3x08 - Night on The Sun
 Drop Dead Diva 2x09 - Last Year's Model
 Rescue Me 6x07 -
 Melissa & Joey 1x01 - Pilot
 Melissa & Joey 1x02 - Moving On
 Persons Unknown 1x12 - And Then There Was One
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x07 - Episode 7 & 8
 Drop Dead Diva 2x12 - Bad Girls and Freeze The Day
 Persons Unknown 1x13 - Shadows in the Cave
 Melissa & Joey 1x04 - Boy Toys 'R' Us
 Flashpoint 3x14 - The Other Lane
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 3x14 - Rules of Engagement
 Melissa & Joey 1x05 - The Perfect Storm
 The Big C 1x04 - Playing the Cancer Car
 True Blood 3x12 - Evil Is Going On
 Melissa & Joey 1x06 - Spies and Lies
 Mike & Molly 1x01 - Pilot
 Parenthood 1x09 - Perchance to dream
 Being Erica 3x01 - The Rabbit Hole
 Melissa & Joey 1x07 - Up Close and Personal
 Mike & Molly 1x02 - First Date
 Being Erica 3x02 - Moving On Up
 Medium 7x02 - The Match Game
 The Event 1x03 - Protect them from the truth.
 Being Erica 3x03 - Two Wrongs
 The Big C 1x08 - Happy Birthday, Cancer
 Parenthood 2x04 - Date Night
 Dexter 5x03 - Practically Perfect
 Mike & Molly 1x04 - Mike's Not Ready
 Lights Out 1x09 - In fight
 Melissa & Joey 1x10 - In Lennox We Trust
 Being Erica 3x04 - Wash, Rinse, REPEAT
 Greys Anatomy 7x04 - Can't Fight Biology
 The Mentalist 3x04 - Red Carpet Treatment
 Dexter 5x04 - Beauty and the Beast
 The Big C 1x09 - The Ecstacy and the Agony
 Mike & Molly 1x05 - Carl Is Jealous
 Parenthood 2x06 - Orange Alert
 Melissa & Joey 1x11 - A Fright in the Attic
 The Big Bang Theory 4x05 - The Desperation Emanation
 Blue Mountain State 2x01 - The Fingering
 Being Erica 3x06 - Bear Breasts
 The Mentalist 3x05 - The Red Ponies
 Greys Anatomy 7x05 - Almost Grown
 Being Erica 3x05 - Being Adam
 The Big C 1x10 - Divine Intervention
 In Treatment 3x01 - Sunil Week One
 Mike & Molly 1x06 - Mike's Apartment
 In Treatment 3x02 - Frances Week One
 Parenthood 2x07 - Seven Names
 The Mentalist 3x06 - Pink Chanel Suit
 Dexter 5x06 - Everything Is Illuminated
 In Treatment 3x07 - Jesse Week Two
 Mike & Molly 1x07 - After the Loving
 The Big C 1x11 - New Beginnings
 In Treatment 3x06 - Frances Week Two
 In Treatment 3x05 - Sunil Week Two
 The Mentalist 3x07 - Red Hot
 Greys Anatomy 7x07 - That's me trying
 Brothers and Sisters 5x07 - Resolved
 In Treatment 3x09 - Sunil Week Three
 The Big C 1x12 - Everything That Rises
 Parenthood 2x08 - If This Boat is a Rockin
 Greys Anatomy 7x08 - Something's Gotta Give
 Being Erica 3x07 - Jenny from the Block
 Being Erica 3x08 - Physician, Heal Thyself
 Brothers and Sisters 5x08 - The Rhapsody of Flesh
 The Big C 1x13 - Taking the Plunge
 Mike & Molly 1x09 - Mike's New Boot
 In Treatment 3x14 - Frances week four
 In Treatment 3x16 - Adele week 4
 The Big Bang Theory 4x09 - The Boyfriend Complexity
 Forbrydelsen 1x07 - Día 7º
 Mike & Molly 1x12 - First Christmas
 Forbrydelsen 1x01 - Día 1º
 Forbrydelsen 1x03 - Día 3º
 Being Erica 3x13 - Fa La Erica
 Forbrydelsen 1x06 - Día 6º
 Forbrydelsen 1x08 - Día 8º
 Forbrydelsen 1x09 - Día 9º
 Forbrydelsen 1x11 - Día 11º
 Forbrydelsen 1x10 - Día 10º
 Forbrydelsen 1x12 - Día 12º
 Mike & Molly 1x14 - Molly makes soup
 Forbrydelsen 1x13 - Día 13º
 Forbrydelsen 1x14 - Día 14º
 Mike & Molly 1x15 - Jim won't eat
 Forbrydelsen 1x15 - Día 15º
 Forbrydelsen 1x16 - Day 16
 Forbrydelsen 1x17 - Day 17
 Forbrydelsen 1x18 - Día 18
 Forbrydelsen 1x19 - Día 19º
 Forbrydelsen 1x20 - Día 20º
 Lights Out 1x10 - Cut Men
 Lights Out 1x11 - Rainmaker
 Forbrydelsen 2x01 -
 Lights Out 1x12 - Sucker Punch
 Forbrydelsen 2x02 - Día 2º
 The Chicago Code 1x13 - Mike Royko's Revenge
 Braquo 1x06 - Tarif De Groupe
 Braquo 1x01 - Max
 Braquo 1x07 - Tangente
 Being Erica 1x02 - What I Am Is What I Am
 Being Erica 1x01 - Dr Tom
 Friends With Benefits 1x08 - The Benefit of Mentors
 Friends With Benefits 1x07 - The Benefits of Mardi Gras
 The Pillars of the Earth 1x02 - Master Builder
 Criminal Minds 6x04 - Compromising Positions
 Dexter 5x05 - First Blood
 True Blood 2x04 - Shake and Fingerpop
 The Mentalist 2x12 - Bleeding Heart