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 Almost Human 1x05 - Blood Brothers
 Almost Human 1x06 - Arrhythmia
 Almost Human 1x07 - Simon Says
 Almost Human 1x08 - You Are Here
 Chicago PD 1x14 - The Docks
 Chosen 3x01 - Redemption
 Chosen 3x02 - Dirty Hands
 Chosen 3x03 - The Hatchet
 Chosen 3x04 - Prisoners
 Chosen 3x06 - Monsters
 Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey 1x03 - When Knowledge Conquered Fear
 Cracked 2x07 - Hideaway
 Crisis 1x02 - If you are watching this, I am dead.
 Crisis 1x03 - What Was Done To You
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x06 - The Rope of the Dead
 Grimm 3x16 - The Show Must Go On
 Heartland (CA) 8x02 - The Big Red Wall
 Him & Her 4x01 - The Morning
 In the flesh 2x03 - Episode 3
 Killer Women 1x08 - Queen Bee
 Mixology 1x01 - Tom & Maya
 Mixology 1x02 - Liv & Ron
 Moone Boy 2x03 - Ghost Raft
 Moone Boy 2x05 - Stags and Hens
 Motive (2013) 2x05 - Dead End
 Motive (2013) 2x08 - Angels with Dirty Faces
 One Foot in the Grave 1x01 - Alive and Buried
 Parenthood 6x01 - Vegas
 Parenthood 6x02 - Happy Birthday, Zeek
 Rev 3x01 - Episode 1
 Rev 3x02 - Episode 2
 Review 1x03 - Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes
 Review 1x04 - Sleeping with a Celebrity; Being Batman
 Review 1x05 - Having a Best Friend, Going to Space
 Review 1x06 - Road Rage, Orgy
 Review 1x08 - Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
 Review 1x09 - Quitting, Last Day, Irish
 Sensitive Skin 1x00 - Under The Skin
 Sensitive Skin 1x02 - The Old Woman
 Sensitive Skin 1x03 - The Three Sisters
 Signed, Sealed, Delivered 1x03 - Soulmates
 Signed, Sealed, Delivered 1x04 - The Masterpiece
 Signed, Sealed, Delivered 1x06 - The Future Me
 Star Crossed 1x11 - Give Me a Torch
 Survivor 14x02 - Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now
 Survivor 25x08 - Dead man walking
 Survivor 25x09 - Little Miss Perfect
 Survivor 25x10 - Whiners Are Weiners
 Survivor 25x11 - Hell Hath Frozen Over
 The 100 1x02 - Earth Skills
 The Amazing Race 26x01 - Great Way to Start a Relationship
 The Americans 2x04 - A Little Night Music
 The Last Man On Earth 1x01 -
 The Red Road 1x04 - The Bad Weapons
 The Red Road 1x06 - The Journey to the Sunrise
 The Smoke 1x03 - Episode 3
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x07 - Limbo
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x08 - Thanatos
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x09 - Death's Door
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x14 - Brother's Keeper
 Transparent 1x02 - The Letting Go
 Undeniable 1x01 - Episode 1
 Vikings 2x06 - Unforgiven
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 Survivor 25x08 - Dead man walking
 Survivor 25x10 - Whiners Are Weiners
 Almost Human 1x07 - Simon Says
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x14 - Brother's Keeper
 Helix 1x10 - Fushigi
 Crisis 1x01 - Pilot
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x15 - Enemy of My Enemy
 Moone Boy 2x03 - Ghost Raft
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x21 - Kill Switch
 In Search of Aliens 1x01 - The Hunt for Atlantis
 Kingdom (2014) 1x01 - Set Yourself On Fire
 Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce 1x04 - Rule No. 426 Fantasyland A Great Place to Visit
 Humans 1x01 - Episode 1
 Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce 1x03 - Rule No. 47: Always Take Advantage of Me Time
 Survivor 14x02 - Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x02 - In Too Deep