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 Bones 8x09 - The ghost in the machine
 Chasing Shadows 1x01 - Only Connect
 CSI 15x11 - Angle of Attack
 Grantchester 1x02 - Episode 2
 Grimm 2x17 - One Angry Fuchsbau
 Taxi Brooklyn 1x04 - Precious Cargo
 The Listener 5x11 - Zero Recall
 The Missing (2014) 1x03 -
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 Elementary 1x10 - The Leviathan
 Dexter 7x12 - Surprise, Motherfucker!
 American Horror Story 2x13 - Madness Ends
 666 Park Avenue 1x11 - Sins of the Fathers
 Touch 2x05 - Eye To Eye
 Elementary 1x19 - Snow Angels
 Orphan Black 1x02 - Instinct
 Rogue 1x01 - Fireball
 Defiance 1x01 - Pilot
 Endeavour 1x01 - Girl
 Hemlock Grove 1x02 - The Angel
 Vegas 1x19 - Past Lives
 Elementary 1x21 - A Landmark Story
 Continuum 2x03 - Second Thoughts
 Elementary 1x22 - Risk Management
 Perception 3x01 - Paris
 The Last Ship 1x03 - Dead Reckoning
 The Last Ship 1x04 - We'll Get There
 The Bridge (US) 2x02 - Ghost of a Flea
 Taxi Brooklyn 1x04 - Precious Cargo
 The Listener 5x10 - Family Secrets
 Perception 3x08 - Prologue
 Defiance 2x08 - Slouching Towards Bethlehem
 The Listener 5x13 - In Our Midst
 Finding Carter 1x10 - Love Story
 Outlander 1x06 - The Garrison Commander
 Intruders 1x04 - Ave Verum Corpus
 Finding Carter 1x12 - One Hour Photo
 The Bridge (US) 2x11 - Beholder
 The Strain 1x11 - The Third Rail
 CSI 15x02 - Buzz Kill
 Stalker 1x03 - Manhunt
 The 100 2x04 - Many Happy Returns
 Elementary 3x03 - Just a Regular Irregular
 Elementary 3x08 - End of Watch
 State of Affairs 1x06 - Masquerade
 The Mentalist 7x05 - The Silver Briefcase
 Perception 3x12 - Meat
 How to Get Away with Murder 1x14 - The Night Lila Died/It's All My Fault
 Beauty and the Beast 1x09 - Bridesmaid Up!
 Person of Interest 4x02 - Nautilus
 Doctor Who (2005) 8x05 - Time Heist
 The Blacklist 2x08 - The Decembrist