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 Blue Bloods 3x15 - Warriors
 Blue Bloods 3x16 - Quid Pro Quo
 Blue Bloods 3x22 - The Bitter End
 Blue Bloods 4x04 - The Truth About Lying
 Blue Bloods 4x06 - Growing Boys
 Blue Bloods 4x08 - Justice Served
 Blue Bloods 4x09 - Bad Blood
 Person of Interest 2x22 - God Mode
 The Americans 1x04 - In Control
 The Americans 1x05 - Comint
 The Americans 1x11 - Covert War
 The Americans 2x02 - Cardinal
 Touch 2x04 - Perfect Storm
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 Person of Interest 2x15 - Booked Solid
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x03 - The Prisoner
 Person of Interest 1x09 - Get Carter
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x04 - The Magician
 Person of Interest 3x03 - Lady Killer
 Blue Bloods 3x12 - Framed
 Homeland 2x10 - Broken Hearts
 Person of Interest 2x09 - C.O.D.
 Last Resort 1x09 - Cinderella Liberty
 Fringe 5x08 - The Human Kind
 Dexter 7x11 - Do You See What I See?
 Last Resort 1x10 - Blue Water
 Fringe 5x09 - Black Blotter
 Person of Interest 2x11 - 2-Pi-R
 Blue Bloods 3x10 - Fathers and Sons
 Person of Interest 2x12 - Prisoner's Dilemma
 Blue Bloods 3x11 - Front Page News
 The Americans 1x01 - Pilot
 Last Resort 1x12 - The Pointy End Of The Spear
 Fringe 5x12 - Liberty
 Last Resort 1x13 - Controlled Flight Into Terrain
 Californication 6x07 - The Dope Show
 Person of Interest 2x13 - Dead Reckoning
 Blue Bloods 3x13 - Inside Jobs
 Blue Bloods 3x14 - Men In Black
 Person of Interest 2x14 - One percent
 The Americans 1x02 - The Clock
 Blue Bloods 3x16 - Quid Pro Quo
 The Walking Dead 3x09 - The Suicide King
 Vera 2x03 - Sandancers
 Touch 2x03 - Enemy Of My Enemy
 The Americans 1x03 - Gregory
 The Mentalist 5x14 - Red in Tooth and Claw
 Blue Bloods 3x15 - Warriors
 The Americans 1x04 - In Control
 Person of Interest 2x16 - Relevance
 Touch 2x04 - Perfect Storm
 The Walking Dead 3x11 - I Ain't a Judas
 How I Met Your Mother 8x18 - Weekend at Barney's
 The Americans 1x05 - Comint
 The Mentalist 5x15 - Red Lacquer Nail Polish
 The Americans 1x06 - Trust Me
 Person of Interest 2x17 - Proteus
 Blue Bloods 3x17 - Protest Too Much
 Touch 2x06 - Broken
 The Client List 2x01 - 'Till I make it on my own
 The Americans 1x07 - Duty and Honor
 Blue Bloods 3x18 - No Regrets
 The Americans 1x08 - Mutually assured destruction
 Person of Interest 2x20 - In Extremis
 The Americans 1x09 - Safe House
 The Americans 1x10 - Only You
 Blue Bloods 3x20 - Ends & Means
 The Mentalist 5x19 - Red Letter Day
 The Americans 1x11 - Covert War
 The Mentalist 5x20 - Red Velvet Cupcakes
 Revolution 1x14 - The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x02 - The Serpent
 The Americans 1x12 - The Oath
 Touch 2x11 - Accused
 Blue Bloods 3x21 - Devil's Breath
 The Mentalist 5x21 - Red and Itchy
 Revolution 1x15 - Home
 The Americans 1x13 - The Colonel
 Person of Interest 2x21 - Zero Day
 Blue Bloods 3x22 - The Bitter End
 Touch 2x12 - Fight Or Flight
 The Mentalist 5x22 - Red John's Rules
 Revolution 1x16 - The Love Boat
 Supernatural 8x22 - Clip Show
 Person of Interest 2x22 - God Mode
 Blue Bloods 3x23 - This Way Out
 Touch 2x13 - Leviathan
 Revolution 1x17 - The Longest Day
 Person of Interest 1x01 - Pilot
 Person of Interest 1x02 - Ghosts
 Arrow 1x23 - Sacrifice
 Person of Interest 1x03 - Mission Creep
 Person of Interest 1x04 - Cura Te Ipsum
 Revolution 1x18 - Clue
 Person of Interest 1x05 - Judgement
 Person of Interest 1x06 - The Fix
 Person of Interest 1x07 - Witness
 Person of Interest 1x08 - Foe
 Person of Interest 1x10 - Number Crunch
 Person of Interest 1x11 - Super
 Person of Interest 1x12 - Legacy
 Person of Interest 1x13 - Root Cause
 Homeland 3x04 - Game on
 Homeland 3x07 - Gerontion
 Homeland 3x01 - Tin Man is Down
 Homeland 3x02 - Uh... Oh... Ah...
 Homeland 3x03 - Tower Of David
 Revolution 2x05 - One Riot, One Ranger
 Person of Interest 3x06 - Mors praematura
 Homeland 3x05 - The Yoga Play
 Blue Bloods 4x06 - Growing Boys
 Homeland 3x06 - Still Positive
 Person of Interest 3x07 - The Perfect Mark
 Revolution 2x07 - The Patriot Act
 Blue Bloods 4x07 - Drawing Dead
 The Walking Dead 4x05 - Internment
 Person of Interest 3x08 - Endgame
 Revolution 2x08 - Come Blow Your Horn
 Blue Bloods 4x08 - Justice Served
 The Walking Dead 4x06 - Live Bait
 Homeland 3x08 - A Red Wheel Barrow
 Person of Interest 1x14 - Wolf and Cub
 Person of Interest 3x09 - The Crossing
 Homeland 3x10 - Good Night
 Blue Bloods 4x09 - Bad Blood
 The Walking Dead 4x07 - Dead Weight
 Homeland 3x09 - One Last Time
 Person of Interest 3x10 - The Devil's Share
 The Americans 2x02 - Cardinal
 The Americans 2x03 - The Walk In
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x01 - The Hanged Man (Pilot)
 The Walking Dead 4x04 - Indifference