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 NCIS 10x22 - Revenge
 NCIS Los Angeles 4x22 - Raven & The Swans
 Teen Wolf 3x04 - Unleashed
 Teen Wolf 3x06 - Motel California
 Teen Wolf 3x08 - Visionary
 Criminal Minds 9x05 - Route 66
 Dracula (2013) 1x09 - Four Roses
 Castle 6x13 - Limelight
 Dracula (2013) 1x10 - Let There Be Light
 Bones 9x14 - The Master In The Slop
 Bitten 1x03 - Trespass
 Shameless US 4x03 - Like Father, Like Daughter
 NCIS 11x14 - Monsters and Men
 Bitten 1x05 - Bitten
 NCIS 11x16 - Dressed to Kill
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x14 - T.A.H.I.T.I.
 Scandal 3x12 - We Do Not Touch the First Ladies
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x15 - Yes Men
 Bitten 1x10 - Descent
 NCIS 11x18 - Crescent City (Part I)
 Scandal 3x15 - Mama Said Knock You Out
 Bitten 1x13 - Ready
 Scandal 3x17 - Flesh and Blood
 Covert Affairs 5x06 - Embassy Row
 Reign 2x01 - The Plague
 Witches of East End 2x12 - Box to the Future
 Reign 2x02 - Drawn and Quartered
 Haven 5x05 - The Old Switcheroo
 The Originals 2x02 - Alive & Kicking
 Reign 2x03 - Coronation
 Haven 5x06 - The Old Switcheroo Part 2
 The Originals 2x03 - Every Mother's Son
 Castle 7x04 - Child's Play
 NCIS 12x05 - The San Dominick
 The 100 2x01 - The 48
 Reign 2x04 - The Lamb and the Slaughter
 Haven 5x07 - Nowhere Man
 The Originals 2x04 - Live and Let Die
 Reign 2x05 - Blood for Blood
 Nashville 3x06 - Nobody Said It Was Going to be Easy
 The Vampire Diaries 6x05 - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
 Haven 5x08 - Exposure
 Constantine 1x02 - The Darkness Beneath
 Reign 2x06 - Three Queens
 Covert Affairs 5x11 - Trigger Cut
 Haven 5x09 - Morbidity
 The Originals 2x06 - Wheel Inside the Wheel
 The Flash 2014 1x05 - Plastique
 Reign 2x07 - The Prince of the Blood
 Haven 5x10 - Mortality
 Covert Affairs 5x12 - Starlings of the Slipstream
 NCIS 12x08 - Semper Fortis
 The Flash 2014 1x06 - The Flash Is Born
 Reign 2x08 - Terror of the Faithful
 Haven 5x11 - Reflections
 Covert Affairs 5x13 - She Believes
 Atlantis (2013) 2x02 - A New Dawn: Part Two
 Haven 5x12 - Chemistry
 Saving Hope 3x07 - The Way We Were
 Haven 5x13 - Chosen
 Revenge 4x10 - Atonement
 NCIS Los Angeles 6x10 - Reign Fall
 Scorpion 1x11 - Revenge
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x10 - What They Become
 Reign 2x10 - Mercy
 Covert Affairs 5x15 - Frontforwards
 The 100 2x08 - Spacewalker
 Scorpion 1x13 - Kill Screen
 Reign 2x11 - Getaway
 Suits 4x11 - Enough is enough
 Reign 2x12 - Banished
 Saving Hope 3x15 - Remains of the Day
 12 Monkeys 1x03 - Cassandra Complex
 Reign 2x13 - Sins of the Past
 Bitten 2x01 - Bad Blood
 12 Monkeys 1x05 - The Night Room
 Bitten 2x02 - Sworn Enemies
 The Originals 2x14 - I love you, goodbye
 Castle 7x15 - Reckoning
 Reign 2x15 - Forbidden
 Reign 2x16 - Tasting Revenge
 Reign 2x17 - Tempting Fate
 12 Monkeys 1x10 - Divine Move
 Olympus 1x01 - The Temple of Gaia
 The Vampire Diaries 6x20 - I'd Leave My Happy Home For You
 Reign 2x20 - Fugitive
 Atlantis (2013) 2x10 - The Dying of the Light
 Reign 2x21 - The Siege
 Reign 2x22 - Burn
 Good Witch 1x05 - The Truth About Lies
 Rookie Blue 6x03 - Uprising
 The Last Ship 2x03 - It's Not a Rumor