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 Blue Bloods 3x09 - Secrets and Lies
 Blue Bloods 3x20 - Ends & Means
 Blue Bloods 4x01 - Unwritten Rules
 Blue Bloods 4x10 - Mistaken Identity
 Boardwalk Empire 4x12 - Farewell Daddy Blues
 By Any Means 1x06 - Episode 6
 Cracked 1x07 - Rocket Man
 Criminal Minds 9x12 - The Black Queen
 CSI 13x10 - Risky Business Class
 CSI 13x20 - Fearless
 CSI 13x21 - Ghosts Of The Past
 CSI 13x22 - Skin in the Game
 CSI 14x11 - The Lost Reindeer
 CSI 14x12 - Keep Calm and Carry
 CSI NY 9x14 - White Gold
 CSI NY 9x15 - Seth and Apep
 Downton Abbey 4x01 - Episode 1
 Downton Abbey 4x09 - 2013 Christmas Special III
 Elementary 2x07 - The Marchioness
 Elementary 2x09 - On The Line
 Elementary 2x14 - Dead Clade Walking
 Endeavour 1x02 - Fugue
 Endeavour 1x03 - Rocket
 Endeavour 1x04 - Home
 Endeavour 2x03 - Sway
 Fargo 1x03 - A Muddy Road
 Father Brown 2x01 - The Ghost in the Machine
 Father Brown 2x02 - Maddest of All
 Father Brown 3x03 - Invisible Man
 Hell On Wheels 3x01 - Big Bad Wolf
 Hell On Wheels 4x11 - Bleeding Kansas
 King & Maxwell 1x02 - Second Chances
 Legends 1x06 - Gauntlet
 Masters of Sex 1x05 - Catherine
 Masters of Sex 1x10 - Fallout
 Old School 1x08 - All That Glitters
 Person of Interest 3x10 - The Devil's Share
 Ray Donovan 2x09 - Snowflake
 Ripper Street 2x08 - Our Betrayal (2)
 Suits 4x13 - Fork in the Road
 Suspects 2x01 - Bound & Gagged Part 1
 Suspects 2x02 - Bound & Gagged Part 2
 The Assets 1x02 - Jewel in the Crown
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 2x01 - The Heart Of The Matter
 The Escape Artist 1x02 -
 The Red Tent 1x02 - Part 2
 Transporter: The Series 1x03 - Switch
 Transporter: The Series 2x09 - Euphro
 Vegas 1x09 - Masquerade
 Vegas 1x11 - Paiutes
 White Collar 5x03 - One Last Stakeout
 White Collar 5x05 - Master Plan
 White Collar 5x12 - Taking Stock
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 Endeavour 1x01 - Girl