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 Flashpoint 2x13 - Exit Wounds
 Flashpoint 3x05 - Coming to you live
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 Flashpoint 2x12 - Last Dance
 Lie To Me 1x12 - Blinded
 The Mentalist 1x22 - Blood Brothers
 Lie to Me 1x13 - Sacrifice
 Flashpoint 2x13 - Exit Wounds
 Desperate Housewives 5x23 - Everybody Says Dont
 The Good Wife 1x02 - Stripped
 The Mentalist 2x02 - The Scarlet Letter
 Flashpoint 3x02 - Never Let You Down
 The Good Wife 1x03 - You Cant Go Home Again
 Flashpoint 3x03 - Just a Man
 Lie to Me 2x03 - Control Factor
 The Mentalist 2x04 - Red Menace
 Flashpoint 3x04 - Custody
 Lie to Me 2x04 - Honey
 The Good Wife 1x05 - Crash
 Flashpoint 3x05 - Coming to you live
 Lie to Me 2x05 - Grievous Bodily Harm
 Modern Family 1x06 - Run for your Wife
 The Good Wife 1x07 - Unorthodox
 Smallville 9x08 - Idol
 Flashpoint 3x08 - The good citizen
 The Good Wife 1x08 - Unprepared
 Lie to Me 2x08 - Secret Santa
 Modern Family 1x09 - Fizbo
 Heroes 4x12 - The Fifth Stage
 House MD 6x09 - Wilson
 Covert Affairs 1x07 - Communication Breakdown
 Hellcats 1x01 - A World Full of Strangers
 Hellcats 1x02 - I Say a Little Prayer
 Hellcats 1x03 - Beale St. After Dark
 Greys Anatomy 7x01 - With You I'm Born Again
 Greys Anatomy 7x02 - Shock to the System
 Gossip Girl 4x04 - Touch of Eva
 Hellcats 1x05 - The Prisioner's Song
 Greys Anatomy 7x03 - Superfreak
 The Good Wife 2x14 - Net Worth
 Mr Sunshine 1x02 - Employee of the Year
 Pretty Little Liars 1x20 - Someone to Watch Over Me
 The Lying Game 1x10 - East of Emma
 Gossip Girl 5x04 - Memoirs of an Invisible Dan