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 Master Chef 4x07 - 16 compete, part 1
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 Tron: Uprising 1x16 - Welcome Home
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 5x13 - Point of No Return
 Defiance 1x02 - Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men
 Hannibal 1x04 - Ceuf
 Defiance 1x03 - The Devil in the Dark
 Defiance 1x04 - A Well Respected Man
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x05 - the tower
 Defiance 1x05 - The serpent's egg
 Hannibal 1x13 - Savoureux
 The Killing 3x05 - Scared And Running
 The Killing 3x06 - Eminent Domain
 The Killing 3x07 - Hope Kills
 The Killing 3x08 - Try
 The Killing 3x09 - Reckoning
 Boardwalk Empire 4x03 - Acres of diamonds
 Family Guy 12x01 - Finders Keepers
 Boardwalk Empire 4x04 - All In
 Boardwalk Empire 4x07 - William Wilson
 James Gandolfini: Tribute to a Friend 1x01 -  
 Master Chef 4x02 - Episode 2
 Master Chef 4x04 - MasterChef 4x04
 Master Chef 4x05 - MasterChef 4x05
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x04 - The Ends of the Earth
 Fargo 1x04 - Eating The Blame
 From Dusk Till Dawn 1x10 - The Take
 Penny Dreadful 1x03 - Resurrection
 The 100 1x13 - We Are Grounders (Part 2)
 The Killing 4x03 - The Good Soldier
 The Killing 4x04 - Dream Baby Dream
 The Strain 1x09 - The Disappeared
 Houdini 1x01 - Part 1
 Star Wars Rebels 1x04 - Rise of the Old Masters Subtitle
 Game of Thrones 5x04 - The Sons of the Harpy
 Kitchen Nightmares 7x08 - Zayna Flaming Grill - Parte 2
 Penny Dreadful 2x04 - Evil spirits in heavenly places
 Penny Dreadful 2x06 - Glorious Horrors