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 The Lying Game 2x05 - Much Ado About Everything
 The Vampire Diaries 4x20 - The Originals
 Revenge 2x19 - Identity
 Red Widow 1x07 - The Coke
 Nashville 1x18 - Take These Chains from My Heart
 Red Widow 1x08 - The Hit
 Nashville 1x20 - A Picture from Life's Other Side
 Nashville 1x21 - I'll never get out of this world alive
 The fosters 1x05 - The Morning After
 Twisted 1x05 - The Fest and the Furious
 Switched At Birth 2x16 - The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
 Switched At Birth 2x19 - What Goes Up Must Come Down
 Twisted 1x09 - The Truth Will Out
 Switched At Birth 3x14 - Oh, Future!