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 New Girl 4x04 - Micro
 The Walking Dead 5x07 - Crossed
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 The Big Bang Theory 8x16 - The Intimacy Acceleration
 The Walking Dead 3x10 - Home
 The Walking Dead 3x12 - Clear
 The Walking Dead 3x13 - Arrow On The Doorpost
 The Walking Dead 4x02 - Infected
 The Walking Dead 4x03 - Isolation
 The Walking Dead 4x05 - Internment
 The Walking Dead 4x06 - Live Bait
 The Walking Dead 4x07 - Dead Weight
 The Big Bang Theory 7x11 - The Cooper Extraction
 The Big Bang Theory 7x12 - The Hesitation Ramification
 The Big Bang Theory 7x13 - The Occupation Recalibration
 How I Met Your Mother 9x17 - Sunrise
 The Walking Dead 4x09 - After
 The Walking Dead 4x10 - Inmates
 The Walking Dead 4x11 - Claimed
 The Walking Dead 4x12 - Still
 The Big Bang Theory 7x17 - The Friendship Turbulence
 The Walking Dead 4x13 - Alone
 The Walking Dead 4x14 - The Grove
 The Walking Dead 4x15 - Us
 How I Met Your Mother 9x23 - Last Forever Part 1
 The Big Bang Theory 7x23 - The Gorilla Dissolution
 New Girl 4x01 - The Last Wedding
 The Big Bang Theory 8x01 - The Locomotion Interruption
 The Big Bang Theory 8x02 - The Junior Professor Solution
 The Big Bang Theory 8x03 - The First Pitch Insufficiency
 New Girl 4x03 - Julie Berkmans Older Sister
 The Big Bang Theory 8x04 - The Hook-up Reverberation
 New Girl 4x04 - Micro
 The Walking Dead 5x01 - No Sanctuary
 The Big Bang Theory 8x05 - The Focus Attenuation
 The Walking Dead 5x02 - Strangers
 The Walking Dead 5x03 - Four Walls and a Roof
 The Big Bang Theory 8x08 - The Prom Equivalency
 New Girl 4x07 - Goldmine
 The Walking Dead 5x06 - Consumed
 The Big Bang Theory 8x10 - The Champagne Reflection
 The Walking Dead 5x07 - Crossed
 New Girl 4x09 - Thanksgiving IV
 The Big Bang Theory 8x12 - The Space Probe Disintegration
 The Walking Dead 5x09 - What Happened and What’s Going On
 The Big Bang Theory 8x15 - The Comic Book Store Regeneration
 The Walking Dead 5x11 - The Distance
 The Big Bang Theory 8x17 - The Colonization Application
 The Walking Dead 5x13 - Forget
 The Walking Dead 5x15 - Try
 The Walking Dead 5x16 - Conquer
 The Big Bang Theory 8x19 - The Skywalker Incursion
 The Big Bang Theory 8x20 - The Fortification Implementation
 Game of Thrones 5x01 - The Wars to Come
 The Big Bang Theory 8x22 - The Graduation Transmission
 The Big Bang Theory 8x23 - The Maternal Combustion
 The Big Bang Theory 8x24 - The Commitment Determination
 Orphan Black 3x04 - Newer Elements Of Our Defense
 Game of Thrones 5x05 - Kill the Boy
 Orphan Black 3x05 - Scarred by Many Past Frustrations
 Game of Thrones 5x08 - Hardhome
 Game of Thrones 5x09 - The Dance Of Dragons
 Orphan Black 3x09 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow
 The Walking Dead 5x08 - Coda