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 CSI NY 9x17 - Today is Life
 Modern Family 4x16 - Bad Hair Day
 CSI NY 9x16 - Blood actually
 Raising Hope 3x20 - The old girl
 Rules of Engagement 7x05 - Fountain Of Youth
 Go On! 1x18 - Double Down
 Family Guy 11x14 - Call Girl
 Rules of Engagement 7x06 - Baby Talk
 American Dad 8x14 - Spelling Bee My Baby
 Rules of Engagement 7x08 - Catering
 How I Met Your Mother 8x21 - Romeward Bound
 Mike & Molly 3x19 - Party Planners
 2 Broke Girls 2x21 - And the Worst Selfie Ever
 American Dad 8x16 - The Boring Identity
 Rules of Engagement 7x10 - Unpleasant Surprises
 Rules of Engagement 7x12 - A Wee Problem
 The Simpsons 24x22 - Dangers on a Train
 Rules of Engagement 7x13 - 100th
 Longmire 2x02 - Carcasses
 Longmire 2x03 - Death Came In Like Thunder
 The Goodwin Games 1x06 - Happy Hour
 Longmire 2x05 - Party's Over
 Longmire 2x06 - Tell It Slant
 Longmire 2x07 - Sound and Fury
 Longmire 2x08 - The Great Spirit
 Perception 2x08 - Asylum
 The Neighbors 2x03 - The Neighbours
 2 Broke Girls 3x03 - And The Kitty Kitty Spank Spank
 Dads 1x04 - Funny Girl
 CSI 14x03 - Torch Song
 Witches of East End 1x03 - Today I am a witch
 Criminal Minds 9x04 - To Bear Witness
 Criminal Minds 9x05 - Route 66
 CSI 14x05 - Frame by Frame
 Mike & Molly 4x01 - Molly Unleashed
 CSI 14x02 - Take the Money and Run
 CSI 14x06 - Passed Pawns
 Family Guy 12x04 - A Fistful of Meg
 CSI 14x07 - Under a Cloud
 Mike & Molly 4x02 - The First and Last Ride-Along
 Trophy Wife 1x08 - Lice and Beary White
 Criminal Minds 9x08 - The Return
 CSI 14x08 - Helpless
 CSI 14x09 - Check In and Check Out
 Mike & Molly 4x04 - Careful What You Dig For
 Raising Hope 4x09 - The Change Who Stole Christmas
 CSI 14x11 - The Lost Reindeer
 The Neighbors 2x14 - Man, Actually
 Mike & Molly 4x09 - Mike & Molly's Excellent Adventure
 Nowhere Boys 1x13 - Episode 13
 CSI 14x17 - Long Ride Home
 Longmire 3x06 - Reports of My Death
 Garfunkel and Oates 1x01 - The Fadeaway