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 Secret Diary of a Call Girl 3x07 - Episode 7
 Criminal Minds 4x25 - To Hell and Back
 Bones 5x02 - The Bond in the Boot
 Bones 5x03 - The Plain in the Prodigy
 Criminal Minds 5x03 - Reckoner
 CSI NY 6x03 - Lat 40 Degrees 47 Minutes N Long 73 Degrees 58 Minutes W
 CSI NY 6x04 - Dead Reckoning
 Gossip Girl 3x05 - Rufus Getting Married
 Bones 5x05 - A Night at the Museum
 Gossip Girl 3x08 - The Grandfather: Part II
 Criminal Minds 5x16 - Mosley Lane
 Criminal Minds 5x20 - A thousand words
 Criminal Minds 5x22 - The internet is 4ever
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 3x02 - Accentuate the Positive
 Modern Family 2x02 - The Kiss
 Community 2x02 - Accounting for Lawyers
 Castle 3x04 - Punked
 Castle 3x05 - Anatomy of a Murder