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 Breaking Bad 2x13 - ABQ
 True Blood 2x01 - Nothing But the Blood
 True Blood 2x02 - Keep This Party Going
 True Blood 2x06 - Hard Hearted Hannah
 Heroes 4x04 - Acceptance
 Caprica 1x03 - Reins of a Waterfall
 Caprica 1x04 - Gravedancing
 Treme 1x03 - Right Place, Wrong Time
 V (2009) 1x10 - Hearts and Minds
 Treme 1x07 - Smoke My Peace Pipe
 The Big Bang Theory 1x00 - Unaired Pilot
 The Big Bang Theory 4x05 - The Desperation Emanation
 Silicon Valley 1x02 - The Cap Table
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x04 - Close to the Metal
 Battle Creek 1x03 - Man's Best Friend
 Breaking Bad 3x06 - Sunset
 Lie to Me 3x12 - Gone
 The Big Bang Theory 3x20 - The Spaggheti Catalyst