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 Awkward 4x17 - The New Sex Deal
 Chicago PD 2x19 - The Three G's
 The Americans 3x11 - One day in the life of Anton Baklanov
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 Awkward 3x04 - Let's Talk About Sex
 New Girl 2x23 - Virgins
 The Client List 2x08 - Heaven's Just a Sin Away
 Hart of Dixie 2x21 - I'm Moving On
 Psych 7x10 - Santa Barbarian Candidate
 The Middle 4x21 - From Orson with love
 Modern Family 4x21 - Career Day
 Once Upon a Time 2x21 - Second Star to the Right
 Awkward 3x05 - Indecent Exposure
 Awkward 3x08 - Rubbed Raw and Reeling
 Awkward 3x09 - Reality Check
 Arrow 2x04 - Crucible
 The Middle 5x05 - Halloween IV: The Ghost Story
 Once Upon a Time 3x06 - Ariel
 The Middle 5x07 - Thanksgiving V
 New Girl 3x10 - Thanksgiving III
 Awkward 3x17 - The Campaign Fail
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x09 - Repairs
 Awkward 3x18 - Old Jenna
 Modern Family 5x09 - The Big Game
 Awkward 4x03 - Touched By An Angel
 Arrow 2x20 - Seeing Red
 Faking It 1x02 - Homecoming Out
 Happyland 1x03 - Never Break Character
 Happyland 1x05 - Repeated Infractions
 Faking It 2x06 - The Ecstacy and the Agony
 Awkward 4x17 - The New Sex Deal
 Arrow 3x04 - The Magician
 The Middle 6x05 - Halloween V
 Modern Family 6x06 - AwesomeLand
 Happyland 1x06 - Disorderly Conduct
 New Girl 4x06 - Background check
 Awkward 4x18 - Girl Rules
 The Flash 2014 1x15 - Out of time
 Younger (US) 1x01 - Pilot
 New Girl 4x20 - Par 5
 Younger (US) 1x02 - Liza Sows Her Oates
 The Big Bang Theory 8x20 - The Fortification Implementation
 Younger (US) 1x03 - IRL
 Bones 10x13 - The Baker in the Bits
 Game of Thrones 5x01 - The Wars to Come
 Game of Thrones 5x02 - The House of Black and White
 Revenge 4x19 - Exposure
 Once Upon a Time 4x18 - Heart of Gold
 Gotham 1x16 - The Blind Fortune Teller
 Veep 4x01 - Joint Session
 Game of Thrones 5x04 - The Sons of the Harpy
 Gotham 1x19 - Beasts of Prey
 Scorpion 1x21 - Cliffhanger
 2 Broke Girls 4x17 - And the High Hook-Up
 One Big Happy 1x04 - Flight Risk
 The Flash 2014 1x18 - All Star team Up
 Younger (US) 1x04 - The Exes
 Veep 4x03 - Data
 Younger (US) 1x05 - Girl Code