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 Chuck 3x05 - Chuck vs the first class
 Mutant X 1x01 - The Shock of the New
 Mutant X 1x02 - Scream the Body electric
 White Collar 1x07 - Free fall
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 Criminal Minds 5x01 - Faceless Nameless
 Merlin 2x03 - The Nightmare Begins
 Accidentally on Purpose 1x03 - One Night Stand
 Sanctuary 2x05 - Pavor Nocturnus
 House MD 6x06 - Known Unknowns
 Criminal Minds 5x07 - The Performer
 Supernatural 5x09 - The Real Ghotbusters
 The Vampire Diaries 1x09 - History Repeating
 Smallville 9x08 - Idol
 Ghost Whisperer 5x08 - Dead Listing
 Medium 6x08 - Once in a Lifetime
 Merlin 2x08 - The Sins of the Father
 White Collar 1x04 - Flip of the Coin
 The Simpsons 21x05 - The Devil Wears Nada
 Legend of the Seeker 2x04 - Torched
 Dexter 4x10 - Lost Boys
 Desperate Housewives 6x09 - Would I think of suicide?
 Heroes 4x12 - The Fifth Stage
 House MD 6x09 - Wilson
 Gossip Girl 3x11 - Treasure of Serena Madre
 Misfits 1x04 - Episode 4
 Ghost Whisperer 5x10 - excessive forces
 Merlin 2x11 - The Witch's Quickening
 Dollhouse 2x06 - Left Hand
 Criminal Minds 5x10 - The Slave of Duty
 Sanctuary 2x09 - Penance
 Legend of the Seeker 2x06 - Fury
 Alice (2009) 1x02 - Part 2
 Desperate Housewives 6x11 - If...
 Being Human 2x02 - Episode 2
 Make it or Break it 1x13 - California Girls
 White Collar 1x08 - Hard Sell
 The Mentalist 2x12 - Bleeding Heart
 Being Human 2x03 - Episode 3
 Supernatural 5x12 - Meat Swap
 House MD 6x12 - Moving the Chains
 White Collar 1x10 - Vital Signs
 Medium 6x14 - Will the Real Fred Rovick Please Stand Up?
 Ghost Whisperer 5x14 - Dead to Me
 House MD 6x13 - 5 to 9
 Chuck 3x10 - Chuck vs. The Tic Tac
 House MD 6x19 - The Choice
 Chuck 3x07 - Chuck Versus the Mask
 The Forgotten 1x09 - Lucky John