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 Greys Anatomy 10x17 - Do you know?
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 Castle 5x23 - The Human Factor
 Castle 6x03 - Need To Know
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 Pretty Little Liars 4x14 - Who's in the Box?
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 Awkward 4x10 - Snows Jobs (Part 1)
 Scandal 3x11 - Ride, Sally, Ride
 Pretty Little Liars 4x22 - Cover For Me
 Greys Anatomy 10x17 - Do you know?
 Scandal 3x15 - Mama Said Knock You Out
 Scandal 3x16 - The Fluffer
 Scandal 3x17 - Flesh and Blood
 Scandal 3x18 - The Price of Free and Fair Election
 Greys Anatomy 10x21 - Change of Heart
 Awkward 4x04 - Sophomore Sluts
 Pretty Little Liars 5x12 - Taking This One to the Grave