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 Parks and Recreation 6x14 - Anniversaries
 Last Man Standing 3x01 - Back To School
 Last Man Standing 3x04 - Ryan vs. John Baker
 The Following 2x13 - The Reaping
 Salem 1x01 - The Vow
 Last Man Standing 3x21 - April, Come She Will
 Glee 5x17 - Opening Night
 Parks and Recreation 6x21 - Moving Up
 Last Man Standing 3x22 - Mutton Busting
 Crisis 1x07 - Homecoming
 Glee 5x18 - The Back-Up Plan
 Crisis 1x13 - World's Best Dad
 Rectify 2x02 - Sleeping Giants
 Salem 1x11 - Cat and Mouse
 Salem 1x12 - Ashes, Ashes
 Last Man Standing 4x02 - War Games
 A to Z 1x02 - B is for Big Glory
 Believe 1x07 - Bang and Blame