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 Burn Notice 7x05 - Exit Plan
 Continuum 2x10 - Second Wave
 Burn Notice 7x06 - All or Nothing
 Continuum 2x11 - Second Guess
 Burn Notice 7x07 - Psychological Warfare
 Continuum 2x12 - Second Last
 Siberia 1x04 - Fire In The Sky
 Through The Wormhole 4x07 - Are Robots the Future of Human Evolution?
 Burn Notice 7x09 - Bitter Pill
 Breaking Bad 5x09 - Blood Money
 Siberia 1x06 - Out Of The Frying Pan
 Burn Notice 7x10 - Things Unseen
 Siberia 1x07 - First Snow
 Burn Notice 7x11 - Tipping Point
 Continuum 3x04 - A Minute Changes Everything