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 About a boy 2x06 - About a balcony
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 The Big Bang Theory 8x06 - The Expedition Approximation
 The Blacklist 2x07 - The Scimitar
 The Millers 2x03 - Give Metta World Peace a Chance
 Sensitive Skin 1x04 - The Mummy
 Selfie 1x05 - Even Hell Has Two Bars
 Arrow 3x05 - The secret origin of Felicity Smoak
 Warehouse 13 5x03 - A Faire to Remember
 The McCarthys 1x02 - Love, McCarthys Style
 Web Therapy 4x01 - Call in the Light
 Gotham 1x08 - The Mask
 Scorpion 1x08 - Risky Business
 Arrow 3x06 - Guilty
 The Big Bang Theory 8x09 - The Septum Deviation
 The McCarthys 1x03 - The Good
 The Awakening 1x01 - Episode 1
 Gotham 1x09 - Harvey Dent
 2 Broke Girls 4x04 - And the Old Bike Yarn
 NCIS Los Angeles 6x04 - The 3rd Choir
 Person of Interest 4x08 - Point Of Origin
 The Flash 2014 1x06 - The Flash Is Born
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x08 - The Things We Bury
 Supernatural 10x06 - Ask Jevees
 The Big Bang Theory 8x10 - The Champagne Reflection
 Two And a Half Men 12x04 - Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Thirty-Eight
 The McCarthys 1x04 - Supporting Jackie
 Gotham 1x10 - LoveCraft
 Person of Interest 4x09 - The Devil You Know
 Supernatural 10x07 - Girls, Girls, Girls
 The Flash 2014 1x07 - Power Outage
 Two And a Half Men 12x05 - Oontz Oontz Oontz
 The McCarthys 1x05 - Thanks a Lot, Ronny
 The Mentalist 7x01 - Nothing but blue skies
 The Walking Dead 5x08 - Coda
 Supernatural 10x08 - Hibbing 911
 Arrow 3x08 - The Brave and the Bold
 Two And a Half Men 12x06 - Alan Shot a Little Girl
 The Flash 2014 1x09 - The Man in the Yellow Suit
 The Mentalist 7x02 - The Greybar Hotel
 Criminal Minds 10x05 - Boxed In
 Z Nation 1x12 - Murphy's Law
 Supernatural 10x09 - The Things We Leave Behind
 Arrow 3x09 - The Climb
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x10 - What They Become
 The Big Bang Theory 8x11 - The Clean Room Infiltration
 Two And a Half Men 12x07 - Sex With an Animated Ed Asner
 The Mentalist 7x03 - Orange Blossom Ice Cream
 2 Broke Girls 4x07 - And a Loan for Christmas
 Scorpion 1x12 - Dominoes
 The McCarthys 1x06 - Why Guys Shouldn't Date Their Sister's Ex
 Scorpion 1x11 - Revenge
 The Flash 2014 1x08 - Flash vs. Arrow