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 30 Rock 4x12 - Verna
 Alice (2009) 1x01 - Part 1
 Alice (2009) 1x02 - Part 2
 Breaking Bad Minisodes 1x03 - Twaught Hammer
 Breaking Bad Minisodes 1x04 - Maries Confession
 Breaking Bad Minisodes 1x05 - The Break In
 Criminal Minds 7x03 - Dorado Falls
 Dark Blue 1x02 - Guns Strippers and Wives
 Family Guy 8x04 - Brian's Got a Brand New Bag
 Glee 1x13 - Sectionals
 Parks and Recreation 3x13 - The Fight
 Parks and Recreation 3x14 - Road Trip
 Sons of Anarchy 2x03 - Fix
 Sons of Anarchy 2x06 - Falx Cerebri
 South Park 15x08 - Ass burgers
 Supernatural 5x03 - Fee to Be You and Me
 The Cleveland Show 1x02 - Da Daggone Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance
 The Cleveland Show 1x16 - Brown Knight
 The Cleveland Show 2x21 - Your Show of Shows
 The Cleveland Show 3x03 - A Nightmare on Grace Street
 The Cleveland Show 3x05 - Yemen Party
 The Cleveland Show 3x06 - Sex and the Biddy
 The Cleveland Show 3x07 - Die Semi-Hard
 The Tudors 4x04 - Episode 4
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 Dark Blue 1x02 - Guns Strippers and Wives
 10 Things I Hate About You 1x04 - Dont Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation
 Sons of Anarchy 2x01 - Albification
 10 Things I Hate About You 1x10 - Dont Leave Me This Way
 Dark Blue 1x09 - Betsy
 The Vampire Diaries 1x03 - Friday night bites
 The Cleveland Show 1x09 - A Cleveland Brown Christmas
 Merlin 2x13 - The last dragonlord
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 2x23 - I Got You Babe
 The Simpsons 21x16 - The Greatest Story Ever D'Ohed
 10 Things I Hate About You 2x02 - Don't trust me
 V (2009) 1x06 - Pound of flesh
 The Tudors 4x01 - Episode 1
 Melrose Place (2009) 1x18 - Wilshire
 South Park 14x05 - 200
 Supernatural 5x20 - The Devil You Know
 The Cleveland Show 1x21 - You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown
 Persons Unknown 1x13 - Shadows in the Cave
 Breaking Bad Minisodes 1x02 - Wedding Day
 Weeds 6x06 - A Shoe for a Shoe
 Family Guy 9x03 - Welcome Back Carter
 Community 2x06 - Epidemiology 206
 Family Guy 9x05 - Baby, You Knock Me Out
 The Cleveland Show 2x06 - Fat and Wet
 Being Human (US) 1x01 - Pilot: There Goes the Neighborhood (1)
 Primeval 4x05 - Episode 5
 Shameless US 1x05 - Three Boys
 Being Human (US) 1x04 - Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Were Human
 Skins US 1x04 - Cadie
 The Cleveland Show 2x13 - A Short Story and a Tall Tale
 Family Guy 9x11 - Friends of Peter G
 Parks and Recreation 3x05 - Media Blitz
 Being Human (US) 1x07 - I See Your True Colors... and That's Why I Hate You
 Smallville 10x16 - Scion
 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x04 - One Shot Kill
 Being Human 3x08 - The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
 The Cleveland Show 2x16 - The Way the Cookie Crumbles
 Skins US 1x09 - Tina
 Being Human (US) 1x09 - I Want You Back (From the Dead)
 Raising Hope 1x17 - Mongooses Serie
 V (2009) 2x10 - Mother's Day
 Being Human (US) 1x10 - Dog Eat Dog
 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x06 - Devotion
 30 Rock 5x18 - PLAN B
 Being Human (US) 1x12 - You're the One That I Haunt
 30 Rock 5x19 - I Heart Connecticut
 The Cleveland Show 2x21 - Your Show of Shows
 The Cleveland Show 3x02 - The Hurricane
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 7x04 - Sweet Dee Gets Audited
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 7x06 - The Storm of the Century
 Raising Hope 2x07 - Burt's Parents
 Parks and Recreation 4x08 - Smallest Park
 The Cleveland Show 3x05 - Yemen Party
 Parks and Recreation 4x09 - The Trial Of Leslie Knope
 30 Rock 6x06 - Hey, Baby, What's Wrong
 Being Human 4x04 - A Spectre Calls